Exhausted mother writes a letter to her husband asking him to help her with their children

by Mark Bennett

November 17, 2022

Exhausted mother writes a letter to her husband asking him to help her with their children

Deciding to have a child has its pros and cons, it is useless to deny this. Beyond the joy of having a child, a new parent has to consider all aspects of caring for a little one. And it is here that happiness can sometimes give way to exhaustion and the fear of not being able to manage everything involved. As a couple, however, everything becomes a little easier.

This is exactly what a new mother tried to make her husband understand. This exhausted woman put pen to paper and set about to convince her husband to help her out with the child-rearing.

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Celeste Yvonne is a writer and a mom who became famous for publishing a letter she wrote to her husband. In the letter, the woman asks her partner for help. Celeste is the mother of 2 children, a hard worker and tireless housekeeper - but she finally reached a breaking point and decided to ask for more support.

"Dear husband, I need more help," the letter starts. It continues: "Last night was very hard: I needed to sleep, but our baby kept crying. I had left him in your care, but you decided to bring him into the room where I was trying to rest. You put him in the cradle and left, once again leaving me with the burden of taking care of him".


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Clearly, the letter was a cry for help. Celeste did not speak only of rest, however: in her letter there was a request for help in general, even with respect to the things that need to be done every day. These things included: going to the bathroom, changing him and putting together all the things for school for the other children: in other words, "duties" which are generally considered to be maternal.

"If you help me more, I can get some rest," Celeste wrote. "I can drink a cup of coffee, prepare lunches for everyone more calmly. I need to have a few hours to myself during the weekend, in order to recharge. I would be very grateful if you helped me in this. Thank me every now and then for everything I do, I need validation. Don't ignore this as sooner or later, I will collapse and it will be a problem for all of us," the letter continues.

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After her husband read the letter, things changed for the better. And Celeste, buoyed by her success, decided to help others who are in the same situation as her. She shared her letter with them and explained her motivations for writing it.

For her, this was the only way her relationship with her husband could be saved.

Celeste's example shows that parenting is a team effort and everyone deserves an occassional break.