Child saves part of his lunch and puts it aside: "It's for my mom" (+ VIDEO)

Mark Bennett

October 18, 2022

Child saves part of his lunch and puts it aside:

There are some realities that are not always easy to manage, especially if finances are scarce and you have to put food on the table daily. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and that problems do not become insurmountable, each parent does their best and works as hard as they can to provide for their family. What can be surprising, though, is when the little ones make sacrifices for the family's welfare.

We are not used to seeing or hearing about children who sacrifice something for their mother or father, yet, sometimes this does happen and the subject of this story is a clear example. Here is his story:

via Cesar Eduardo Peralta/Facebook


Cesar Eduardo Peralta/Facebook

Mateo is a child who attends kindergarten and has gone viral on the internet for the very loving gesture he made for his mother. Usually, it is the parents who make sacrifices for the well-being of their children, but in this case the roles were reversed. In a video shot by one of the teachers, the little one is seen sitting at the table while having his lunch. The teacher noticed that a portion of chicken on Mateo's plate had disappeared and when the teacher asked him where it was, he took it out of his school bag.

"How come you don't eat it?" - the teacher asks and, immediately, the little one is heard to say: "It's for my mother". Mateo had chosen to take part of his lunch home for his mother. This is an amazing act of kindness by one so young.

Cesar Eduardo Peralta/Facebook

How many children would do something like this for their parent? Probably very few indeed. Mateo's action proves that he is a very special child indeed.

Internet users who learned of Mateo's story could not help but heap praise on the child and his parents, who had clearly taught him good life values - values he had put into practice in real life. 


❤️Mateo no se comió la presa de pollo de su almuerzo todo por llevársela a su mamá. El gesto del niño (de tener en cuenta a su mamá) ha sido aplaudido en redes sociales.❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏

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Isn't he a very special little man?