Woman discovers that the man she is in love with is her brother: "We have been together for 6 years and now I don't know what to do"

Mark Bennett

October 17, 2022

Woman discovers that the man she is in love with is her brother:

Life is wonderful because it always knows how to surprise us. Sometimes, however, it happens that these surprises are not exactly positive and can disrupt our lives. The subject of this story knows this very well, and after 6 years of being in love with a man, buying a house together, doing joint projects, celebrating anniversaries together and much more, she discovered that her partner is her brother. Mind you: not a half-brother, but the full, biological brother. The two, in fact, are both children from the same parents.

How did this happen? Here is their story:

via Reddit


Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Wikimedia - Not the actual photo

In a long post on Reddit, the 30-year-old woman talked about her relationship with a wonderful 32-year-old man. "When I was little, I was adopted by two wonderful people. My boyfriend was also adopted and we were both lucky to be place with wonderful families. This shared experience made us in tune with each other even more as we both had similar backgrounds growing up," she said.

Sharing such a strong bond with the man made the woman very happy. After all, who would not want to meet the perfect man  to share their life with? But then, everything changed.

"One day we decided to undergo both a DNA test to get information about our ancestors and to reconstruct our family tree. It was too bad then, that what we discovered was terrible. When the test results arrived, about a month later, I found out my partner was my brother. Not a stepbrother: we were biological siblings and this fact left me speechless. Initially I didn't tell my boyfriend-brother: I was afraid it was a mistake and I didn't want to cause a rift between us", the woman explained. Later, however, the woman decided to tell her partner and, before taking any drastic action, they decided to repeat the test to be sure.

Pexels - Not the actual photo

For a moment, let's put ourselves in their shoes: they had been together for 6 years, they behaved like any couple would - including being initimate - and then they learn that they are brother and sister. Anyone, in their place, would have been horrified and would not have known what to do next.

"I finally understood why I felt this familial bond: he is my brother and everything now makes sense. We were always told that the similarities between numerous and that he was the male version of me. Now, looking at photos of the two of us together, I realize that we are related. I really hope the test is wrong because he is still the love of my life," the woman ended.

This is a terrible quandry in which no one would like to be, we are sure. But how would you deal with this problem?