At the age of 28, she cannot give up…
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At the age of 28, she cannot give up baby bottles, diapers and soft toys: "I still feel like a child"

September 14, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

There comes a time in life when one must grow up. This means that childish habits are abandoned and space is made for adult ways of acting. There are those, however, who are unable to detach themselves from infancy and continue to remain anchored to a lifestyle of a "little one". We usually hear about "Peter Pan syndrome" - the psychological predisposition in which an adult person is unable to assume their responsibilities, but lives in a childish way. This is anomaly is mainly linked to sensations, thoughts and emotions, but there are those who take the issue much further.

An example is the young woman we want to tell you about who in this story: at the age of 28 she continues to use pacifiers, diapers and surrounds herself with soft toys.

Lucy Anne is a 28-year-old young woman who lives in Pennsylvania, in the United States and is causing quite a stir due to her rather bizarre habits: despite having grown up, she has not abandoned any of the habits of a child. Why? She feels infantile and just can't do otherwise. But this does not mean that the woman does not have a normal life or a job.

Lucy is employed as a cybersecurity officer in a company and is very professional during working hours. But as soon as she gets home, she transforms herself into a baby. So sucks on her pacifier, drinks from a baby bottle, wears diapers (of all shapes and colors) and surrounds herself with soft toys. She also enjoys a story before "bedtime". After hiding it for a while, Lucy decided to go public about her weird Peter Pan syndrome.

Lucy's baby-centered lifestyle all started when she discovered that she was not the only one to have these predispositions. In fact, she found out many other people have never abandoned the habits and customs of childhood life either. That's why she started posting her photos of herself in her baby world. Apparently, since the age of 9, she loved wearing her younger sister's diapers and she has never been able to give up doing so.


Many web users appreciated Lucy's authenticity and frankness. Some were amused by her lifestyle; others saw it as a way to accept oneself and defended the young woman's lifestyle choices.

What do you think of this "little girl" who never grew up?

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