Teacher is criticized for how she dresses…
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Teacher is criticized for how she dresses at school: she replies to them in a long message (+ VIDEO)

September 11, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The teaching profession is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying jobs there is. You are in contact with children and young people. And maybe they have known each other since they were little and they accompany each other on the long path of schooling. Thinking of being able to transmit values ​​and knowledge to them is wonderful and makes every teacher a guiding light who, obviously together with parents, introduces them into the world and accompanies them in its discovery.

There are, however, also unpleasant factors present which anyone who takes up this profession must deal with. For example, it is not rare that teachers have been criticized for the way they dress in the classroom or for the photos they shared, privately, on social media. The elementary school teacher we are about to tell you about is well aware of this. Let's see what happened:

This female teacher is originally from New Jersey, and is known on social networks with the username is @toyboxdollz. She has been the focus of criticism received on the way she dresses when she shows up in class and about the photos she posted to Instagram. After constant and continuous attacks from users who call her a bad teacher (just because she has a voluptuous, curvaceous body), the woman responded.

In a video that appeared on her IG profile, this teacher claims to be tired of the constant accusations and says: "I can't be criticized for how I look. I do my job well and that's what counts. I love doing art and teaching it and my students are happy to be with me. There are also many mothers from my school who support me and thank me for what I do for their kids".

On the other hand, there are those who believe the clothes she wears are "too revealing". Some have even asked for her to be fired.

"Wear looser clothes instead of wearing tight garment that make yourself stand out," reads one comment. "It's shameful to take pictures in class and put them on the internet to be seen by all," says another. So, after having tolerated these messages for a long time, the woman could no longer hold back and responded to her critics.


Surely everyone, depending on the work they do, must present themselves in a certain way and respect a code of education and attire. But it is also true that you should not feel guilty if your body is more curvaceous and ample than most.

What do you think about this issue?

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