Couple play the lottery together and…
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Couple play the lottery together and win a large prize: his fiancée takes all the money and leaves him

September 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is said that love is blind, that it has no age limits and it does not care about wealth or the physical appearances. When love blooms, it is pure feeling and everything seems perfect in the world. When love comes to an end, however, the veil of perfection lifts.

Kirk Stevens, who recently separated from his fiancée Laura Hoyle, knows something about this. The two had decided to buy a house in Nottingham, England after winning the National Lottery jackpot, pocketing nearly € 12,000 a month for the next 30 years - but something went badly wrong. Here is their story:

via: DailyMail

Kirk said that Laura had never paid a penny of rent in the apartment they lived in and the two used to play € 30 in the lottery every week. The man explained that he had a pact with Laura: if they won, they would have divided the winnings equally. One day, Laura discovered that she had won the € 12,000 monthly jackpot for 30 years. Thrilled with the win, she bought a Porsche Cayenne and immediately searched for a more luxurious home to move to.

In addition, she paid her Kirk € 1,200 euros a month to encourage him to pursue his master's engineering degree. A year later, however, things between Laura and Kirk started to go awry. The man said that Laura began to develop snobbish attitudes and they often quarreled. In the meantime, they had paid a deposit of half-million-euros on the house. After much discussion and several attempts to fix the relationship, the two broke up.

Laura moved into the new luxury apartment by herself and cut Kirk off from the lottery winnings. Kirk believes they were both winners, despite the ticket being bought in Laura's name: "She took it all. She also wants our two dogs," he said.

“When it became clear that we were not going to resolve the situation peacefully, I asked her,“ What about our lottery winnings? ”She replied,“ It's not ours, it's mine. She told me clearly that she would not split the money with me. Until the breakup, Laura paid me 1,200 euros a month, but that stopped when she moved out. She claimed it was "rent" and she wouldn't pay it any more now that she was moving out," Kirk said.

The man tried to insist that Laura owed him a portion of the winnings, but since the two are not married and the ticket was bought in Laura's name, he is not entitled to anything. This is a story with a bitter ending that Kirk decided to publicize to "warn" lovers who don't care about settling financial issues properly: "don't make the same mistake I did".

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