Their neighbors keep asking them to use their swimming pool: "they can't enter my home whenever they want" -
Their neighbors keep asking them to…
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Their neighbors keep asking them to use their swimming pool: "they can't enter my home whenever they want"

June 27, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Just like family, we cannot choose our neighbors. If we are lucky enough, we will be blessed with amazing people living close to us and we can even make lasting friendships with them. However, when this is not the case, the excitement of moving to a new home can quickly be dulled by people intending to violate our right to peace.

The user known by nickname No_Material_4161 knows something about this type of situation: the woman turned to the Reddit community to tell her story after buying a house with a swimming pool with her husband. The couple enjoyed the property by hosting barbecues and inviting people to come to pool parties in their courtyard. But they soon discovered they weren't the only ones wanting to go for a swim.

via: Reddit

The neighbors of the three surrounding houses had a strange conversation with the new owners about their expectations of having access to the pool for weekend garden parties and for the summer period. Apparently, the previous owners had children and were friends with all the neighborhood children. The latter, together with the adults, were allowed to use the pool whenever they wanted. The pool gate was always open and the neighbors even had their inflatables in the area. In addition, they had agreed to pay for the pool maintenance.

"We told them (the neighbors) that we are quite private people, that we love our privacy and that we cannot allow them to have access to our garden and pool whenever they want. Whenever any of us go outside, they constantly ask us and try to pursuade us t allow them access to the garden and pool. They offered us money, offered to share maintenance costs and so on," the woman said.

Unfortunately, these neighboring families did not take "no" for an answer, and continued to ask the couple to use the pool almost every day. Exasperated, the woman kindly asked them to stop asking, because she was not interested in changing her mind. Despite the clear refusal, the torment did not stop and the couple finally lost their patience. "Last night, there was a party and while I was showing the garden to my friend, my neighbor came up and talked about how nice it must be to be invited to enjoy the pool. And I said to her: 'Can you leave, pease? I am in the middle of giving a party!'", said the frustrated woman. Later however, the woman wondered if she had overreacted and for this reason, she asked the Reddit community for their opinion.

Reddit users sided with the new owners, stating that "it is your right to keep the garden gate closed. Also, consider the responsibility of leaving a pool gate open which everyone can access. What would happen if a child drowned in the pool? Responsibility would fall on you. Be strong and firm, I would do the same as you did. Good luck!, " wrote one user in the comments.

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