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Woman's brother-in-law embarrasses her…
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Woman's brother-in-law embarrasses her with a comment about her leg hair: she silences him

June 29, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

A good rule of thumb that any man can give himself in life is this: never make frank comments to a woman, unless it's a compliment. While there is a lot of self-irony in this "rule," the fact remains that it's not nice to comment unpleasantly about a woman's appearance (whether it's a physical feature or an aspect of her character). In this story, it was a brother-in-law who did the unthinkable: the man had the terrible idea of commenting on the hair on the legs of his wife's younger sister, triggering a chain reaction that he probably did not expect. "Oh how disgusting, you should have shaved your legs! Those hairs shouldn't be there", he is reported to have said. Let's be honest - what did he expect would happen after making a comment like this?

via: Reddit

The young woman who is the subject of this story described how her brother-in-law acted unpleasantly towards her: "I was watching my in-laws while they were preparing dinner in the kitchen," the 19-year-old stared her story, "we sat down and I happened to sit next to my brother-in-law. I was wearing a skirt that accidentally moved up above my knee at one point. My brother-in-law looked at my leg and grimaced. Then he said out loud "Ohhh! But it's disgusting, you should have shaved, that hair shouldn't be there." The rest of the family stared at the young woman, who without hesitating too long, replied:" If they shouldn't be there then why do they grow there? Explain that to me".

The brother-in-law, however, persisted with his offensive opinion: "They just shouldn't be there." At this point, the young woman counterattacked: "Well, guess what, the same thing could be said about your mustache then, huh?".

Couterattacked with this comment, the brother-in-law opened his eyes wide in shock, got up and ran to the bathroom. "My sister told me to stop when my brother-in-law got up from his chair and went to the bathroom" said the young woman, "My sister followed him and I think he had a minor nervous breakdown. He asked his sister if there was something wrong with his mustache. My brother and I kept laughing but dinner was ruined because my brother-in-law said he wanted to leave." The young woman asked Reddit users if they thought she had acted too harshly, but all of her followers did not appear think so in their comments. What do you think?
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