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Woman searches for her biological parents…
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Woman searches for her biological parents and discovers she's been on the missing persons list for decades

July 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Every adopted person has their own reasons for wanting to delve into the past, and each experience is unique. Some may be thrilled to get to know their biological parents, others less so, as the circumstances behind each adoption can vary greatly. But the desire to discover one's roots is quite common. After all, it is natural to question one's past, but it is rare to find out that it had been quite turbulent from the earliest days of one's life. But this is what happened to Shawne Bolton, a 42-year-old woman from the US state of Utah. The woman shared her incredible story about her biological family on her social media account on Instagram.

It all started when Shawne decided to get married at the age of 26: "For the first time in my life, I was in a healthy environment, I was preparing to get married and I had two children," she said. "I thought the fastest way to track down my biological mom would be to get her criminal record," she added. So she decided to call the police in her hometown: the sheriff was "extremely interested" in her request and in helping her. After some investigation, the man explained that her mother had reported Shawne missing since 1980.

Unfortunately, the papers on her disappearance were archieved . Shawne found out that the family she grew up with had actually "adopted" her illegally by going directly to her biological mother. When Shawne's grandmother asked her daughter what had happened to her granddaughter, the mother reported her daughter's disappearance to the police, in order to deflect attention from the crime she had committed. Shawne added that her mother even participated in searching for her, even though she always knew exactly where her daughter was.

Shawne added that the family who "raised" her were not loving at all. "I was very confused. I couldn't understand why they didn't love me and why they treated me so badly," said Shawne. Years later, the couple she lived with decided to get divorced and her two alleged parents confessed that they were not her biological parents. Later, with the help of the police, Shawne was able to track down her mother, but was warned by her aunts and uncles not to establish a relationship with her.

Shawne explained that her bond with her entire biological family "didn't work out" and she soon felt like an outcast. After about ten years of trying to get to know them, she has decided not to talk to them again. Discovering such a complicated reality did not spare Shawne from the great trauma that she is still trying to resolve within her heart: "Now I'm much better. I have my own business. I have no contact with any of my biological family members. I have a very difficult relationship with my children that I would like to repair and I spend every day trying to do this. I'm not perfect myself, "she explained.

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