Woman shaves her legs in the hotel pool:…
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Woman shaves her legs in the hotel pool: the clip goes viral

September 13, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When the warm season arrives, everyone tries to show themselves off in public in the best possible light. For this to happen, you go to the hairdresser, a beauty center and take care of your body generally. Usually, these beauty routines are done in the salon or at home.

This is not what the subject of this story did. Not caring who was around her and the public nature of the pool in which she was swimming, decided to shave her legs for all to see. Here is the story:

via: Reddit

In a video that appeared on Reddit, a woman is seen sitting by the swimming pool of a hotel in Florida. This is an absolutely normal scene - especially if you are in a vacation spot. But in this case, the woman  decided to do something very unusual for the location. After settling in, she pulled out a razor and started shaving her legs.

Amazed by what she was doing, another hotel guest decided to capture the moment on video and share it on social media. Obviously the images went around the web in a very short time, getting many views, and the woman became infamous for her actions. News broadcasts, newspapers, television programs - everywhere there was talk about the incident.  And although there are no rules that prohibit it, it is certainly not the nicest thing to do, especially if you are not alone and there are other people around who want to enjoy the pool.

It is true that in some cases one may not have time to do everything and self-care can take a back seat to other commitments. But it is equally true that you cannot just decide to shave your legs in public. The clip obviously provoked numerous comments to be posted to the site.

Many declared themselves disgusted by the incident, arguing that the hotel swimming pool was not an appropriate place to shave; others were more amused than revolted.

What would you have done if you had seen this?


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