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Man closes the swimming pool in his garden after the neighborhood children break the rules: he is heavily criticized

Having the opportunity to improve the summer days of the children of the neighborhood is a respectable goal, but what happens when those children are the ones who break the rules and act without showing…

Keep the water in your swimming pool warm!

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden and you would like to use it during the hours of the day when the water is still a bit too cool, then here is a practical and efficient way…

An uninvited guest is in the swimming pool!

On days that are really hot, the only way to cool off is to dive into some water. Those who have a swimming pool at home should know that they are lucky, although it may happen that they have to deal…

Why you should NEVER pee in a swimming pool!

An organization named the American Chemical Society has recently released a video in which an answer is given to the age-old question that always scares children and leaves adults uncertain. Is it really…

One moment a lovely picnic -- the next a frightening EARTHQUAKE!

Earthquakes are unpredictable natural calamities that can unleash an unimaginable destructive force. In fact, if precise antiseismic standards and measures are not observed and enforced then, any building,…

How to build a swimming pool from wooden pallets!

If having a swimming pool in your garden has always been your summer dream but you thought it would be too expensive to build one. . . you are wrong! With the right set of tools, a lot of patience and…

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