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Why you should NEVER pee in a swimming…
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Why you should NEVER pee in a swimming pool!

February 22, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

An organization named the American Chemical Society has recently released a video in which an answer is given to the age-old question that always scares children and leaves adults uncertain. Is it really dangerous to urinate aka pee in a swimming pool?

Often people have invented absurd consequences for what happens if someone pees in a swimming pool, however, some truth does exist, and it is good that all swimmers are aware of the facts, so as to protect their own health and that of others.

Urine aka pee interacts with the chlorine and other disinfecting products that are normally used to eliminate bacteria from a swimming pool.

The chemical substances produced by this interaction are irritating, in particularly the compound called trichloramine.

Do you remember that unmistakable odor that you smell near a swimming pool? It is due to the presence of this chemical, which is also responsible for causing your eyes to burn and turn red as a result of prolonged contact with the water in the swimming pool.

Trichloramine is not formed only in the presence of human urine but also when interacting with sunscreen lotion, sweat, and dirt.

In short, the presence of trichloramine is inevitable, but an excessive amount should definitely not be encouraged ...

Let us all try to make the swimming pools we use cleaner by sharing and spreading this information. Not using a swimming pool like it is a private bathroom or toilet is a demonstration of a great sense of responsibility and civility!


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