Replace a saw blade with PAPER DISK --- can it cut a piece of wood? -
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Replace a saw blade with PAPER DISK…
A three-ingredient cheesecake --- WITHOUT FLOUR! Make an incision on potatoes with a knife?! --- a time-saving trick!

Replace a saw blade with PAPER DISK --- can it cut a piece of wood?


You know the game commonly known as "rock-paper-scissors"? In addition to being a pastime that requires no other tools than our own hands and a bit of luck, it is a way to teach children the consistency of objects involved in the game and their "strength" or power. For example, paper is cut by scissors but is able to destroy a stone.

Perhaps conditioned by the rules of this game, if asked the question, "Can paper cut wood?" children, as well as some adults, would, therefore, obviously respond no. But look at this video and reevaluate the power of paper . . .


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