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How to build a swimming pool from wooden…
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How to build a swimming pool from wooden pallets!

December 02, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If having a swimming pool in your garden has always been your summer dream but you thought it would be too expensive to build one. . . you are wrong!

With the right set of tools, a lot of patience and good teamwork you can build a custom-made swimming pool for your garden in less than twenty-four hours and at a reasonable cost. Let's see how!

- Watch the video at the end to see all the steps for this DIY project.

via: Youtube

1. Procure 12 wooden pallets (130x110 cm) from any industrial area.

2. Secure them to each other in a hexagonal shape and line the inside of the structure with panels of plywood of 3 mm thickness.


3. Proceed with the finishing touches --- create the pool edge, polish, and paint the wooden slates.

4. Line the bottom of the swimming pool with plastic sheeting and cover with a large piece of coextruded polyethylene. Make sure everything is fixed and secure.

5. Install the accessories for pumping and filtering the water and . . . start to fill it!


6. Admire the results of a tiring day of work and . . .

7. Dive in!


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