Young girl gets a tattoo to honor her…
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Young girl gets a tattoo to honor her stepfather: when she shows it to him, he bursts into tears

September 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Many children are not lucky enough to have parents, while many others manage to have a stable and loving family thanks to being adopted. Although they are not the biological parents, couples who adopt can fulfill the role of parent perfectly. This is what happened to Paula, a young woman who decided to show her affection and gratitude to her mother's partner. How did she do this? By getting a meaningful tattoo...

Paula's stepfather did not expect such a gesture, although he was aware of his role in the life of the young woman and her mother. When the girl told him she had got a tattoo, he couldn't believe it was an inscription dedicated to him:

"Even if I don't have your surname or the same blood, you will always be my father. You deserve this and the whole world, if only I could give it to you. I love you so much."

At the sight of that tattoo, the stepfather, sitting in an armchair after what we presume the end of his working day, immediately burst into tears, moved by the tender gesture. Paula approached her stepfather to hug him as a third person filmed the moving scene. The girl managed to summarize a great truth in just a few lines: you don't need to have the same surname or have the same DNA to be a good parent. Indeed, many biological parents give up their children for adoption in order to give them a better future.


It is not easy to take care of children who are not one's own, so by doing so, it is a demonstration of love and responsibility towards the family that one wants to create. This dad obviously succeeded 100% in this mission. Paula knows very well that her stepfather has supported her family through good times and bad. Not everyone acts as in this nobel way.

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