Woman spends €3,500 euros a month…

Woman spends €3,500 euros a month to live in a luxury hotel: "it's a huge saving for me"

August 18, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Everyone would like to live in a luxurious home with domestic help - someone to take care of the chores to keep order in the home when we are at work. There are two ways to achieve this: the first requires hiring employees to do this; the other means going to live in a hotel.

Do you think this is impossible? Well, you would be wrong because Lauren Tickner did this and is reaping the benefits. Here is her story:

Lauren Tickner is a 25-year-old woman from the UK who told her story and described her particular lifestyle choices in a video she posted to her Youtube channel. She confessed that she always wanted a life of luxury and found it once she moved to Dubai. She moved from London, went to Dubai and started living in a luxury hotel. This was an original and very particular choice that the woman justified by claiming that it also makes financial sense for her.

According to her video, Lauren spends around € 3,500 euros ($ 3,600 dollars) each month to live in an apartment consisting of 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and a lounge, in a hotel. All this makes her feel like a princess and allows her live in harmony and balance, two fundamental aspects she needs to feel good about herself.

"For me it represents an investment, not an expense," she said. She continued: "Thinking about coming home and not having to do any chores is wonderful - it's great to find everything in order when you come home. I don't buy water because the hotel staff provide this for me, I don't have to prepare dinner and when I get parcels, I have them delivered to my room."

This is a lifestyle that, apparently, is both a way for this woman to enjoy a comfortable life and to save money. According to what she says, living this way and spending what the hotel charges every month is much cheaper than keeping an apartment in London. "Not to mention that I don't have to interact with a landlord. And I don't have to pay the utility bills so, it's all a lot easier for me."


Lauren's story  went viral on the web and provoked many comments. Many have expressed the desire to be able to do the same thing; others have said they would not be able to justify spending so much money every month.

Would you like to be able to live in a luxury hotel, surrounded by every comfort, free from household chores and all the menial tasks involved in running a house?

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