33-year-old man complains of abdominal…
5-year-old boy calls emergency services to save his mother:

33-year-old man complains of abdominal pain every month: he discovers he has ovaries and uterus

August 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Although the world has evolved immensely thanks to technological progress and medicine advances, there are still many mysteries related to the human body that remain unsolved. Perhaps this is why there are some cases of pregnant women who do not realize they are pregnant until the moment of delivery. And perhaps this is also the reason that an incredible discovery was made regarding a 33-year-old from a small village in the province of Sichuan, China - a discovery that left everyone speechless: after years of complaining of abdominal pain and traces of blood in his urine, the man discovered he had ovaries and a uterus.

via: Mirror

Chen Li, whose name has been changed for privacy reasons, had been complaining for a long time about abdominal pains he had every month and traces of blood in his urine - yet he has only recently gone to see a doctor. The man explained his situation to the doctor and, after careful analysis, it turned out to be a case of intersex: Chen Li was born with male and female organs, despite having exclusively male genital organs. The pain and blood that appeared each month were nothing less than the symptoms of a menstrual cycle. This was a disturbing and upsetting discovery for Chen Li, who had believed he was suffering from appendicitis. The man has always identified himself as a male, despite the fact that he had a massive presence of female hormones in his body, comparable to those of a healthy, adult woman. The man underwent a three-hour surgical operation to have his female organs removed and continue living his life as a man.

The surgeon who operated on the man said: "He immediately felt at ease after the operation and his confidence was restored. From now on, he will be able to live his life as a man, and he will not be able to reproduce." These are rare cases which are usually discovered during adolescence and which do not cause any physical damage, but could give rise to psychological trauma. It seems strange not to notice that something like this is wrong or to postpone a medical visit for so long, but many people seem to put off checkups out of fear or shame.

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