Woman does not feel right in a female…
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Woman does not feel right in a female body and decides to undergo surgery: 2 years later, she regrets it

August 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Not everyone feels comfortable in the body that mother nature has given them. We are not just talking about physicality and looks. We are not talking about those who are carrying a few extra pounds and feel uncomfortable about this - we are referring to something even deeper. There are some men, for example, who would prefer to inhabit a female body and women who are interested in being men.

This is a very delicate and much-debated topic and is very divisive in nature. There are those who do not pay too much attention to these things, encouraging people to do whatever makes them happy; on the other hand, there are those who just can't understand this phenomenon. The subject of this story found herself suffering with gender identity issues and a very complicated period in her life. This is the story of Sam.

via: Daily Mail

Sam Wise, a 26-year-old woman from the Midlands, England, told her story to raise awareness about a very important topic: gender transition. Although there are men and women who do not want to hear about it, there are those who do their best to assist those who are not satisfied with their masculinity or femininity. Sam, ever since she was 21, had never felt completely comfortable as a woman and asked herself a few pointed questions.

"When I was a teenager, I felt that something was wrong," she said. She continued: "I didn't have completely masculine attitudes, but I wasn't completely feminine either, so I started to ask questions. I wanted to find a way to feel happy and I decided to talk to my doctor. He advised me to go to a clinic to talk to specialists, so I did".

Sam tried to contact the NHS (National Health Service), but the waiting lists exceeded two years, so she opted for a private facility. Saving the money necessary, Sam made an appointment for the first visit and described her discomfort. Within a very short time, she came to the conclusion that she felt better as a man and she initiated her transformation.

Between different treatments and surgeries, Sam reached a point where she was happier - but this only lasted for two years.

"After about two years, I began to feel physical pain and to regret the choice I had made," said the young woman. "I was no longer happy with the decision I had made, but I did not want to go back. The only thing to do at that moment was to accept my new body, the changes that had taken place and moving on with my life. Fortunately, I always had family by my side. They never abandoned me and tried in every way to assist me however they could, and it did me good".


This was a unique situation and which put Sam to the test, but also led her to do something for others. Sam has published her story to help those who, like her, are in a transitional phase and don't know how to get out of it. The thing she recommends most is to undergo intensive therapy to fully understand what you want and need. Once this goal has been achieved, you can start on the path to change, but it is better not to rush - which, unfortunately, she did.

But we know that something positive can also arise from making mistakes and for Sam, it was just like this. Not to mention that she has made her experience available to help others in an act of courage and kindness.


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