Man has vasectomy but does not tell his girlfriend: shortly after, she tells him that she is pregnant

Mark Bennett

August 11, 2022

Man has vasectomy but does not tell his girlfriend: shortly after, she tells him that she is pregnant

Not everyone feels ready to have a child, and we all know how complicated this decision can be when considering bringing a baby into the world. This is why those those that think they would not be good at parenting have every right to step back and leave the honor of starting a family to others. In some cases the fear of failure is so strong that it has to lead some men and women to have an operation in order to avoid any "accidents". And this is what the subject of this story, a young man, did.

The man in question underwent surgery to avoid having children (a vasectomy), but he forgot to discuss this with his girlfriend. It was something of a shock for him then, that a short time later, she informed him that she was pregnant.

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blancoblake1/Tik Tok

David Blanco Blake is a young man who shared his story on the social media platform, TikTok. He told of his decision not to have children, and also having a very bad experience with his, now, ex-girlfriend.

In the clip, David talks about his girlfriend and how good they were together for many years - so much so that at some point, they decided to move in together. "We were engaged for some time when she told me she was pregnant," said David. He continued: "At first I was shocked and I couldn't believe it. We underwent a medical exam and it turned out that it wasn't true - it was just a phantom pregnancy."

Céline Vignal/Flickr - Not the actual photo

After this scare, the man realized that he didn't like the idea of ​​becoming a father. So, he decided to undergo surgery to avoid any future pregnancies by having a vasectomy. Unfortunately, however, he neglected to communicate this to his girlfriend and, a few months later she announced she was really pregnant, he realized something was wrong.

Given the previous false alarm, the two immediately underwent another medical examination. But this time, David's partner was not wrong: she really was pregnant. But clearly, the baby could not have been David's. "I discovered that she was cheating on me with my best friend," said David. "We have known each other since elementary school, but now we don't date anymore. She tried to contact me again, she tried to hook up with me again, but I don't want anything to do with her anymore".

This was a big disappointment that led David to be alone for many years. Who knows the day this young man will be able to overcome this trauma and trust another girl? We wish him all the best!