Appeal from a group of mothers: "remove…
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Appeal from a group of mothers: "remove children's videos from social media, they are not safe"

August 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

In recent years we have seen a real boom in the popularity and use of social media platforms. Starting from Facebook, on to Instagram and then Tik Tok, there are now many online communication channels through which you can share moments from your day, thoughts, events and much more. Of course, the advent of these new forms of communication and information have had a positive impact on our lives, but are we sure that publicizing every aspect of our daily life to the public is always a good idea? This is a question that is difficult to answer, but many do agree on one issue: it is best to avoid putting photos and videos of children into circulation, in order to avoid malicious people taking advantage of them.

For this reason, a movement made up of mothers was born that encourages other not to "show off" their children on social media, thereby avoiding exposing the kids to danger. The spokesperson for this movement is the TikTokker, Ms Kelso. Let's see what she said in one of her videos:

via: Daily Mail

This mother decided to tackle a very important issue that involves internet users (and social media users, in particular): whether or not to publish photos and videos of their little ones to social media platforms? Many people do not find anything wrong with doing this: it is a way to share light-hearted moments, have a laugh at the antics of the children, and update loved ones on the progress of an infant via these channels. On the other hand, there are those who are worried about this trend and have started a campaign to ask mothers not to publish content of their children to the platforms. The reason lies in the alleged danger that such a action can have.

We know very well, that anyone can connect to and access many types of content, but shady people, with nefarious intentions, can be hidden behind any computer screen. And this is the reasoning behind calling for the need to limit this type of sharing, if possible.

Ms Kelso cited one of the most famous young girls on the web as an example, Wren Eleonor. The mother of this 3-year-old girl, Jacquelyn, has made Wren very famous thanks to the publication of content to TikTok. Indeed, Wren now has more than 17 million followers. What caused a furore was a video in which the girl is seen "playing" with a sanitary pad and using it inappropriately.

The clip, now deleted from the internet, was downloaded many times - as what happens routinely with her other videos -  and this has aroused a lot of concern. "You don't know who can download, save and share your children's images," said Ms Kelso. She continued: "There are people who do not respect your good intentions, so delete any content that has your children in it".


These words have been supported by many users who have thanked this mother for spreading awareness and addressing this very important issue. Some of them also claimed to have removed their children's videos and photos to protect and safeguard them, thanks to Ms Kelso.

What do you think of this topic?


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