This mother explains how she manages to clean up while her daughters are at home

by Mark Bennett

March 08, 2023

This mother explains how she manages to clean up while her daughters are at home

Becoming a parent is not only an exciting and wonderful thing, but it must be faced knowing one will need to adapt one's life to the event. In fact, regular, pre-parenting habits can change significantly and it is normal to look for ways to deal with the new circumstances.

For example: how do you clean the house if you don't have a babysitter and if the children are at home and playing around in every room? The mother at the center of this story seems to have found the solution. But her choice was not supported by everyone, although, it must be admitted, it is decidedly original. Let's find out what it is together:

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When the hard work you’ve been putting in for almost an entire year is paying off. I sent a video to my friend the other...

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Gabrielle Lynn Dun is a young mother from Oklahoma, United States, who amused a lot of social media users. In a short clip she posted - and which has got millions of views - Gabrielle revealed her secret about how she keeps her house in order despite the constant presence of her two little girls.

Many people, like Gabrielle, find it difficult to carry out even the smallest household chores due to the presence of little ones. The fear, when engaged in some cleaning chore, is that the children may get hurt whilst unsupervised. But Garielle has found a somewhat unorthodox away around this problem.



Pubblicato da Gabrielle Lynn Dunn su Martedì 14 febbraio 2023

Gabrielle shows herself in the video getting ready to clean the house and she goes out into the garden to retrieve a box. What is she doing? Her girls will stay "fenced in" in the box until she's done cleaning. In the meantime, they can play and have fun, coloring or doing other activities. All this, without them being at any risk.

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The idea, Gabrielle said, came from the example of another mother who had done the same, inspiring her. Many users rated this a brilliant idea. Others, however, considered Gabrielle's solution as unnecessary.

What do you think: would you do something similar to ensure your kids are safe while you are cleaning?