"I only shower once every 10 days and…
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"I only shower once every 10 days and I don't stink": followers criticize her for her personal hygiene routine

August 08, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Personal hygiene is an important aspect of our daily life, essential for body care and the prevention of infectious diseases. Regular washing is a necessity that most people have in both winter and summer - although during summer, the frequency of the showers one takes typically increases. 23-year-old Aydan Jane, however, does not seem to be of this opinion: the young woman has declared that she lets ten days pass before slipping into the shower again. Amongst her followers, this TikTokker has provoked reactions of admiration and disgust at the same time. And let's face it, not many people would want to wash only once every ten days.

Aydan assures her followers that her hygiene routine (or lack of it), does not affect her health at all and, above all, she says she does not smell bad. It remains difficult to believe that someone can avoid smelling bad after not washing - even for three or four days (especially in summer) - but the young woman remains firm on her position. "I'm living proof that you don't have to bathe often to feel good and look good," Aydan said in one of her most viewed videos.

Naturally, the disbelief and criticisms from users were reflected in the comments to her posts: many asked her if she did not smell bad on the days she did not wash, but the girl denied this. Most users suggested that she wash more often, especially in summer, when she sweats more easily and poor hygiene could more easily lead to infectious skin diseases developing, and more.

Among the factors that are pushing this young woman to wash infrequently, is an environmental one: "I would say that it is better for the environment if we shower less because water is a precious resource". Although many agree with her on the subject of water, it is still very difficult to accept being "dirty" for more than a day. Aydan's hygiene habits do not change even during the days of her menstrual cycle: "Your period does not dirty you. Your period is not dirty," said the young woman with conviction.

Beyond personal, subjective opinions, dermatologists advise against not showering for long periods, due to the bacteria and toxins that accumulate on the skin. Sweating is a natural way to eliminate toxins, but it is important to rinse sweat off regularly: leaving sweat on the skin for too long could encourage the onset of folliculitis (i.e. when hair follicles become inflamed) and other skin infections. Also remember that the bacteria that cause bad body odor go hand in hand with those that can cause infections - which is more than enough of a reason to take a shower when you start to smell bad!

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