Brother keeps making fun of his vegan…
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Brother keeps making fun of his vegan sister: his father punishes him by forcing him to eat vegan food for 1 month

August 12, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Punishing children by using food (or withholding food) is almost always a bad idea, but wait until you read this dad's story before judging his actions. The man posted his story to Reddit, asking users if his punishment of his eldest son (16) had gone too far, considering the circumstances. The whole issue revolved around his youngest daughter (14 years old) who decided to become vegan. This was not a problem for the family, but her brother would not stop teasing and bullying her for decision to go vegan. The situation got out of hand after the bullying would not stop ...

via: Reddit

The father said he had punished his son repeatedly for making fun of his younger sister, but none of these punishments seem to have helped. The man stated that his daughter decided to become vegan and the family supported her: "I give her the money I would have spent on her dinner meat, she buys her own food and cooks it herself if what her mother has prepared for dinner is not vegan. We're talking about the smallest life change we've ever had to go through." Her older brother, however, never missed an opportunity to mock his sister and ruin her appetite, just because she is a vegan.

One day, however, this father had had enough. While he was at work, he got a call from his daughter who was in tears: she claimed that her brother had thrown all her vegan food into her trash. The father hurried home, exasperated by the incident, only to discover that it was just a bad joke carried out by his son (the boy had simply hidden the food, not actually thrown it out).

Livid with anger, the father decided to punish his son more severely: "I was ready to make him eat nothing but rice for the rest of his days in this house, but my wife got me to calm down and came up with a better plan. For the next 30 days, we will eat nothing but vegan food. We will prepare nothing but vegan food and we will only buy vegan products."

If his son wanted to eat meat, he would have to spent his savings to buy it. The boy could not believe this punishment and, sulking, complained to his grandparents, who immediately phoned their son, accusing him of mistreating his child. To be frank, however, the man does not feel guilty at all for having punished his son in this way. What do you think?

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