Forced to end their relationship as…
Father decides not to help his daughter with her wedding expenses anymore: Young woman does not shave her armpits and does not use deodorant:

Forced to end their relationship as teenagers, this couple meets up again 35 years later and the woman proposes

August 04, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Our first love is hard to forget - even if it's usually a doomed relationship or one which doesn't work out the way we wanted it to in the end. This does not mean that our first love is not our soul mate - the perfect person who could "complete us" - so why didn't the relationship work out from the beginning, then? The reasons for this can be varied, but in general it is due to the fact that when we fall in love for the first time, we have so little life experience and we are very young. For Polly and Darryl Morby things were like this, and in their case, there was also the challenge of being physically distant from each other. However, after 35 years, their paths crossed again and, as if by magic, and they managed to fulfill their dreams of love and got married.

Polly and Darryl Morby were both teenagers when they first met. The two used to do babysitting and their relationship blossomed without their families finding out about their secret. Polly was 14 in 1982, and was helping her older brother take care of his son, while Darryl was the 13-year-old nephew of Polly's brother's wife. That relationship between their families was the cause of the two to meet each other. Outside of their uncles, however, no one knew about their relationship: "I didn't tell the rest of my family because I grew up in a strict family and I was worried about what they would say," Polly said.

Polly was very much in love with Darryl - her first boyfriend - but although the two were close, the relationship did not last long: after 18 months, their relationship was broken off due to the physical distance that grew up between them when Darryl signed up for the military.

From that moment on, their paths separated: Darryl enlisted and went into the army. He later married another woman - with whom he had a daughter; Polly also met another man, and built a family with three children. Their married life with other partners, however, did not last long. In fact, after a few years, both Darryl and Polly were divorced.

In 2015, however, something incredible happened: they were both invited to the wedding of one of the children they had babysat many years previously. For them, it was the first opportunity to meet up again after so many years. "My heart started pounding as soon as I saw Darryl," said Polly, while Darryl said, "My legs turned to jelly. I was smiling from ear to ear, like Cheshire Cat. I realized that day, how much I missed her".


The two, now free from any other relationship, began dating again, and their relationship deepened: Polly, going against any traditon about the role of a woman and marriage, asked Darryl to marry her. "It was his birthday," the woman said, "and I brought him breakfast in bed with my note and a ring inside it." Polly and Darryl got married 11 months after the proposal and now they say they are delighted with their lives together.

This is a story that shows us how anything is possible when it comes to true love.

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