Passenger on a plane helps a mother in difficulty: "I couldn't keep my children calm, but then he intervened" -
Passenger on a plane helps a mother…
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Passenger on a plane helps a mother in difficulty: "I couldn't keep my children calm, but then he intervened"

July 29, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Traveling with small children can, in some cases, be a real drama. Children, although attracted by novelty and the desire to have new experiences and discover the world, do not have the same patience as adults and cannot understand how necessary it is to remain calm. All this is aggravated when the the travel involves taking flights and, therefore, spending a lot of time forced into cramped spaces for ages. In situations like this, it can happen that children start fidgeting, crying, screaming and becoming unmanageable.

Basically, this is what happened to the mother we're about to tell you about. Desperate because her child was having a tantrum and wanted to get off the plane, the woman didn't know what to do. But luckily, she met a special person who reached out to her and helped her. Let's find out what happened:

Jessica Rudeen, a 34-year-old mom from Arkansas, was traveling alone with her 3-year-old daughter Caroline and Alexander, her 4-month-old baby boy. During the trip, after a few moments of initial calm, the little ones began to fidget. Their mother tried in every way she could to keep the situation under control, but between the infant and her little girl - who could not wait to get off the plane - the poor woman no longer knew how to deal with the situation. Fortunately, there are people in the world who are true guardian angels and who intervened at just the right time.
Noting the scene and the difficulty which the young woman found herself in, Todd Walker, a 52-year-old passenger (and a stranger to Jessica), asked the desperate mother if he could take care of her little daughter. "I had my son in my arms and Caroline was kicking against the seat in front of her when he turned to me and offered to help me," said the woman. She continued: "I didn't know what to do anymore, so I agreed and he sat down next to my daughter". The man did all he could to distract the little girl and to calm her down. After chatting amiably with the child, Todd began drawing and coloring in with her. The rest of the journey went well and Jessica was able to compose herself again.

The passenger's intervention was so appreciated by little Caroline that she no longer wanted to leave him, her mother said. Once they got off the plane, the four went together to the transfer terminal that would take them on to North Carolina. While waiting, Todd and Jessica cahtted and the man explained he had helped her because he knew very well what it felt like to be in a similar situation. When he was younger, and his two children were infants, him and his wife had found themselves in the exact same situation and a stranger had helped them out.

The man said it was therefore time to do the same and reciprocate the favour, albeit for other people. In addition to thanking him in person, Jessica wanted to tell the story of what had happened on her social media account in order to let everyone know the name of the man who had been so kind and selfless who had "saved" her from a difficult situation.


It's nice to know that people like Todd really do exist and that, in similar situations, we too might run into someone like him.

Have you ever met your guardian angel?


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