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Woman forbids her sister-in-law to sit…
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Woman forbids her sister-in-law to sit in her hammock due to her weight, but she ignores the ban and ends up breaking it

July 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When two people get married it is normal for the respective families to meet up. But clashes can result from this, especially if there is conflict between the two factions. Of course, hoping for mutual understanding and total support in every situation is unrealistic. It is not easy to always get along, but you also need to know how to act yourself. A woman shared her experience on Reddit about how the fraught relationship with her sister-in-law got worse following a particular incident. The woman had received a beautiful, expensive hammock to hang in the garden as a gift from her eldest son, but her sister-in-law managed to break it by ignoring a simple rule: she wasn't allowed to sit in the hammock.

via: Reddit

The woman who is the subject of this story told about her experience of having 3 children and how the eldest, aged 16, gave her a very expensive hammock that she had wanted for two years. Usually, the woman never received anything for her birthday or for Christmas - except for the ubiquitous packs of soaps - while for this occasion, she had finally got something that she really liked and that she could cherish. Of course, she thanked her son and told him that he shouldn't have spent so much money (money that she would put back into his account to help him save money), but that she was extremely happy with the gift.

"He was so excited to see me open the gift and couldn't wait to help me put it up," commented the woman, "I told him he shouldn't have, that it was a too much ofmoney and his response was' You never get anything nice. I wanted you to have it.'"

The woman's sister-in-law, however, ruined everything. "Is there a weight limit?" the sister-in-law asked the woman, who confirmed there was a limit of 113 kg (250 pounds). "She wasn't angry about this," commented the woman, "she just said 'It's a shame, they need to create something that can hold us bigger girls '". Yet as soon as the woman left for a few minutes to talk to her husband, the sister-in-law wasted no time and tried out the hammock. "Not even 5 minutes later I hear a loud crash," the woman wrote on Reddit siting the fact that her sister-in-law had actually tried the hammock and it couldn't hold her weight and broke under her corpulant body. The woman was furious.

"I never get anything nice. Never. That was the only thing I had that was mine and it didn't even take a week before someone ruined it. So I said to her," I literally told you not even 10 minutes ago that the hammock wouldn't be able to take your weight and that you shouldn't try to sit on it.” But instead of apologizing, the sister-in-law simply said that weight limits are often an exaggeration and can be ignored. Additionally, the sister-in-law also made the woman feel guilty: "She made me feel guilty for making her feel like her weight is a problem, and my husband is on her side in this argument."

And whose side are you on? Tell us in the comments.

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