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Wife takes money from a joint account…
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Wife takes money from a joint account to help her sister: her husband goes on a rampage

July 14, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Keeping a relationship going requires a lot of effort, willpower and patience. It is usually true that if two people decide to live together, to start a family and spend their lives together, then we can conclude that they are in love and get along well. But it is also true that some rules must be respected to avoid misunderstandings and arguments. And this is one thing that, unfortunately, the subjects of this story have learned.

It's a story of a husband and wife who, due to the generosity one of them showed towards a relative, led to some fighting. Let's find out what happened together.

A husband, named Jared, posted the story about his relationship with his wife to the internet and sought users advice. All the misunderstandings between the couple were generated by the actions taken by his wife, he claimed. "My wife and I have been together for a long time," writes the author of the post. He continued: "We both work and each of us has a personal bank account that we manages as we see fit. In addition to this, however, we have a shared nest egg (a joint bank account) that we use for emergencies or for other pressing expenses. And we never take anything out of this joing account without first consulting each other. This is, supposedly, the rule". It was too bad, then, that something happened that violated this agreement.

Jared, explained the role of Mary, his wife's sister, and sited her as the reason the couple had had arguments. "I noticed a shortfall of $ 3,000 dollars in the joint account and I asked my wife for an explanation," said Jared. Continuing, he said: "I knew that she used to help her sister in times of difficulty - which is most of the time - but this was something that she had always managed privately". Apparently, his wife told him that the money she withdrew from the joint account was for his sister's new business which, if all went well, she would have great success at running. And once the business was up and running, the wife would join her sister managing the new business.

"I told her that I was not angry because I did not want her to change her career to join her sister," said the man.  "I was furious because not only had she taken the money from the joint account without telling me, but she had committed to getting involved in a new business without first confronting me and hearding what I thought about it," he stated. But for Mary, the sister-in-law, this attitude shows her that her sister's husband is "a control freak" because he will not let his wife try new things. But this was certainly not the man's intent - he just wanted to be consulted on the matter.

Was he wrong? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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