"I have too many things to do and I…
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"I have too many things to do and I can't always cook, so I pre-make sandwiches for my children and freeze them"

July 08, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When you work full time, but you also have a family to manage, the time to do everything can run out easily and you must, by necessity, invent something to optimize the hours available and try to fit in everything that must be done in the best possible way. The mom we want to tell you shared a video on her TikTok account in which she reveals her "trick" to speed up the preparation of weekly meals for her children.

Amidst criticism and praise, the post went viral on the web and garnered many views. Let's find out together what her trick is to avoid wasting time:

via: Mirror

Catherine Holmes, the subject of this article, is a mother who, tired of the time her constant daily chores consumes, has sought and found a small trick to speed up part of the things she has to do during the day. One of these concerns the preparation of snacks for her boys.

The woman, in a video posted on social media, explained how convenient it is to prepare a certain number of sandwiches all at once and freeze them. Then, when needed, the sandwiches are taken out of the freezer and, before they are consumed, they have plenty of time to defrost. This is a practice that has piqued the curiosity of many web users and has also drawn a lot of criticism.

In the video you see bread and ham sitting on a table, then a pile of sandwiches and, finally, a clip of the fridge full of bagged and frozen food. But some people have not been impressed by this. Some have accused her of being a lazy mom; others have claimed that, once defrosted, the sandwiches would be soggy and inedible.

Catherine, however, responded herself, arguing that it is not at all true that the sandwiches becomes "soggy". She also says that not everyone can find the time to do everything they need to during a normal day and that alternatives - like her frozen sandwich solution - should be explored. Between work, home, children and much more, putting into practice a little time-saver to simplify her day is not a crime. And with this statement many other of her followers agreed and even thanked her for explaining her time-saving tip. "I had never thought about doing this - it's a great idea," reads one comment. "She made my week better because I was able to optimise my time using her tip," says another.


What do you think? If you have any tips to save precious time doing chores, please share them in the comments.

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