Ex-wife asks her daughter to hide a…
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Ex-wife asks her daughter to hide a camera in her father's study to spy on him

July 13, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The end of a relationship is not always easy to accept and, sometimes, some take the risk of doing some really stupid things in order to "keep control over" their ex's after the split. This is a similar to the story about a man, and his second wife, that we want to tell you about here and recounts the ordeal the couple had to deal with relating to the man's ex-wife. Using their daughter, the man's ex-wife installed a small camera in the man's study to spy on him. Not knowing how to react to this, the subject of this story, the man's current wife, posted the details to the Reddit community and asked her followers for advice.

Let's see how things turned out:

via: Reddit

In her post to the social network, Reddit, the author turned to users to ask if her behavior had been justified. "My husband and I have been together for 3 years," writes the woman. She continues: "Since we began our relationship, Judy, the ex-wife, and I have never got along particularly well, but we try to respect each other. The house we live in is the same one that they shared in their failed relationship, and on the days she comes visit us with her daughter, Judy has always felt entitled to behave as she sees fit. She tried to sneak into our life, she did as she pleased in the house and, in some cases, she even broke some of my personal items".

This intrusiveness has deeply disturbed the author of the post. Despite all this, however, she never said a word - at least she didn't until something really bad happened: Judy accidentally set a fire to the kitchen, putting their house and all of them at risk. Since that moment, the couple have never let Judy visit them again and have tried in every possible way to keep her away from them. This decision that angered the daughter and caused arguments between them. "She accused me of wanting to keep her mother away, even knowing how she had behaved in the past," the woman recalled.

Then one evening, while she was tidying up her husband's study, she noticed something strange: there was a hidden camera in her husband's studio. She immediately asked her stepdaughter for an explanation, as it could only have been her that had placed the spy camera. The 17-year-old girl at first denied doing it, but then finally admitted to placing the camera in the home at the request of her mother. The girl begged her stepmother several times not to reveal this to her father, but the woman, after holding back for some time, could not help but reveal the secret to her husband. But by doing so, she has had second thoughts: did she do the right thing? Undecided, she turned to the internet for advice.

Reddit users have expressed unanimous support for her decision and validated her anger at the ex-wife's outrageous behavior.

What do you think about this? Have you ever experienced such a blatant outrage from a jilted partner or ex-husband/wife?

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