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Daughter refuses to invite her father's…
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Daughter refuses to invite her father's new wife to her wedding, so he refuses to pay for the reception

July 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Family relationships can be stormy, especially if there is a divorce involved with a painful history that includes children. However, intense hatred, even many years after it manifested, really risks ruining the good times that should be spent with one's family. This is what happened to the family of a man who wanted to tell his story on Reddit, in order to get users opinions and advice. The man's daughter was about to get married and, like most fathers, he had offered to help pay for the reception. Things changed suddenly, however, when the daughter decided not to invite the man's wife - the woman to whom the father had got remarried to 8 years earlier.

via: Reddit

The man who is the subject of this story, is 57 years old and has been divorced from his first wife for 15 years. Over the years, the man has remarried and for 8 years he has been happily married to a 61-year-old woman, whom he met some time after her own separation and divorce. All of his now-adult children seem to have accepted their parent's divorce and have also accepted his new wife ... all, except his 27-year-old daughter, who is about to get married. When the man received his daughter's wedding invitation, he noticed that his second wife had not been invited. The reason? "She said it's her wedding day and she just wants to invite her real family. So I replied to her:" well, did you invite mom's boyfriend?" And she said yes, I replied:"okay , then you should invite my wife too, otherwise I won't pay for anything for your wedding ceremony" wrote the man in his Reddit post.

But despite this, the man's daughter continued to refuse to invite her father's wife, so the man kept his word and refused to pay for anything related to the wedding. His daughter, however, did not believe that her father would really do this and that is why she was very shocked and disappointed when he refused any financial support. But what was the man supposed to do?

"She refused [to invite my wife] and said she wouldn't relent," the man wrote. "I told her that then I will cancel all my payments and she did not believe me. I did cancel them, and now my daughter is now super mad at me, as is my ex-wife" expleained the man, asking for the opinions from users on Reddit. User comments left no room for interpretation: if the daughter has the freedom to decide who to invite (or not) to her wedding, he has the freedom to decide whether to pay or not. Besides, he was proving his live and support for his wife.

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