Saleswoman offends a customer because he buys a ring for "only" $ 130 dollars: the man's fiance silences her -
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Saleswoman offends a customer because…
Her boyfriend left her because she was not pretty enough; today she is a model and got her Father builds a walker out of PVC pipes and cans for his little daughter - he didn't have the money to buy a new one

Saleswoman offends a customer because he buys a ring for "only" $ 130 dollars: the man's fiance silences her

July 11, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When two people decide to get married, there is something that usually accompanies the proposal: an engagement ring. In this regard, every woman has her own taste: maybe there are those who prefer a ring with a big diamond; some prefer a smaller ring with smaller, simpler diamonds; others prefer a completely unorthodox, non-traditional ring. In any case, what really matters is the gesture, not the size of the ring itself or the price. But apparently the saleswoman of the ring which features in this story did not believe in this sentiment.

This is what happened:

Ariel Desiree McRae is a woman from Nashville, Tennessee who received a marriage proposal from her fiance. It was a moment which every woman hopes for - and, of course, by every man who is in love. But this particular proposal did not go exactly according to plan or expectations. Fortunately, the negative experience was not initiated or was in any way the fault of the boyfriend, but to the saleswoman with whom the two had to deal with when choosing their ring.

On the day they decided to buy the precious gift, Ariel and her partner went to a shop and started browsing the various rings for sale. While this was happening, the couple had to listen to commentary from a saleswoman who called the ring they showed interest in as "pathetic", because it cost "only" $ 130 dollars. The saleswoman's opinion, therefore, was based solely on the price of the ring - a purely materialistic consideration - so Ariel decided to intervene.

"My husband and I are not rich," writes the woman in a Facebook post in which she describes the event. She continued: "To make ends meet, we make sacrifices and we can barely pay the bills. After two years of being engaged we could not wait any longer, and we decided to get married - but I was not really thinking about getting a ring. When we arrived at the jewelry store and the saleswoman started to embarrass my boyfriend, I could not keep silent. Unlike how I would have reacted in the past, I just said to her that it is not the ring that counts, it is the act of love it symbolizes that is the most important".


This was a statement that reflects all the love and affection in the relationship between the two. It's a love that goes beyond any social convention, that over time and gets stronger and stronger as the years roll by. This is what really matters. There may be many rings, jewels and mind-boggling prices, but none of this can ever be as precious as the sincere feeling of love between two people. And this has been recognized by the many web users who have posted to Ariel's Facebook page and wanted to know more about her relationship with her fiance.

The woman decided to tell her story about how and where she had met her future husband and the path they had followed together for love. This is a modern tale that fills our hearts with joy and makes us reflect on these values, don't you think?

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