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Worried by the disappearance of her…
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Worried by the disappearance of her boyfriend, a young woman hunts for him: she discovers that he has a wife and children in another country

July 03, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When we meet a kind and nice person with whom we get along and can talk about everything, we often feel lucky and over the moon with happiness. And if we also like the man or woman physically (and this feeling is reciprocated), advancing the friendship into a special, romantic relationship can happen very quickly. And this is the wonderful experience that the subject of this story - a young woman - experienced for quite a while. The young woman met a special man, they liked each other and soon decided to move in together.

It's a great pity then that, after some time, he left the home using the excuse of visiting family members and never came back (a sort of clichéd "I'm just going out to buy cigarettes" story). Are you curious to know why? Let's find out together:

via: Daily Mail

The subject of this story is Rachel Waters, a young woman living in Shenzhen, China. It was here that she met Paul McGee, a wonderful man who seduced her and with whom she began a romantic relationship. Since he had moved to China from Norwich in the UK, Rachel was not at suspicious about his intention of taking a few days off to fly back to the UK to spend some time visiting his family.

So far everything seems perfectly reasonable: a person who returns to his home country to visit friends and family after a long absence is a very common practice that should not arouse any suspicions. But Rachel's world was rocked by the sudden disappearance of her partner - he simply didn't come back. That's right. Paul packed up, left and never made contacted his fiancée again.

Initially concerned about his fate, Rachel found a Facebook group about Norwich residents and wrote a post. "My boyfriend, Paul McGee, and I live in Shenzhen, China. He went home (to Norwich) to visit family and should have been back in China in a while ago. However, I haven't heard from him recently and I'm worried that something may have happened to him. If anyone has any news of him, please contact me."

Ultimately, Rachel did find out what had happened, but, unfortunately for her, the news wasn't good. A Facebook user knew Paul very well and immediately wrote back to the young woman. Feeling very sorry for her, the author revealed that Paul had returned to the UK to be reunited with his wife and children.

This revelation that he left Rachel speechless and that she had to accept the bitter truth. Worried when Paul had not returned to China, she had set out on a hunt for him and unfortunately - or fortunately, depending on one's point of view - she uncovered the shocking secret.


In such cases, and despite the pain and bitterness, it is always better to look at things in a positive light. How can one do this, however? It is true that Rachel has been badly hurt and has lost a loved one, but it is definitely better to find out the truth than continue to be deceived and unknowingly be living a lie with a despicable person at one's side.

What do you think about this shocking story?

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