She pretends to cancel the wedding so…
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She pretends to cancel the wedding so as not to invite some relatives, but is betrayed by the photos of the event on social media

September 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

What would you not do in order not to invite some relatives to your wedding? There are those who, like the woman protagonist of this story, would commit acts of dishonesty. In reality, the story has nuances far more complicated than that, nuances that refer to money and personal vendettas. A real shame if we consider that we are talking about family.

A woman named Karen (not her real name) had not been very careful about the cost of her marriage, so much so that she had to request a loan from her brother and other close relatives. Upon categorical refusal of the latter, the new bride decided to exclude them from the party with a truly diabolical stratagem. Too bad, however, that she eventually betrayed herself with her own hands.

via: The Mirror

The future bride had not calculated well the total costs for the day of the wedding and found herself only 2 days before the ceremony having to ask her brother for a loan of 12,000 euros. "I put the deposits down for the hall, the photographer, the catering, the flowers and the DJ but I didn't know I had to pay in full on my wedding day, I thought I could pay later" explained the woman to her brother, who he refused to lend her that large sum of money. Faced with her brother's refusal, Karen felt that something had broken, so, after hanging up and with little hope of receiving that sum from him, she put her plan into action. After that phone call, a bridesmaid warned Karen's brother that the wedding had suddenly been canceled.

Karen then turned to other relatives in hopes of borrowing that money, but they all refused. The result? Karen let all these people know that her marriage was canceled. Of course, she celebrated it anyway.


After pretending to postpone the wedding, Karen betrayed herself with her own hands, posting photos of her wedding day on Facebook, a year later. A very unintelligent gesture, which the woman had made to celebrate her first anniversary as a married woman. As we know, in fact, Karen had her wedding at the end, albeit on a smaller scale. Among the guests there were important absences, such as her brother, her grandmother and some of her aunts.

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