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A couple are criticized for offering…
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A couple are criticized for offering a different buffet depending on the wedding gift: "Spend more, eat better"

May 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When a couple decide to get married it's clear that, in addition to the ceremony, they will have to think about the reception: where to do it, when and, above all, what to offer to the guests who have come, perhaps even from afar, just to celebrate the love of a friend / to or from a relative. As a rule, there are those who choose a dinner or lunch with a pre-established menu and those who decide to serve a nice buffet. Depending on the number of guests, of course, you can decide the amount of food needed and all the possible variations. It's normal in these cases to make some mistakes, above all because you would like to offer only the best to your guests for the day of your wedding, but the decision by an anonymous couple caused a lot of discussion from the outset: on the invitation to the wedding it was specified that the guests would have different buffets, depending on how much they wanted to spend on the wedding gift. Crazy, right?

via: DailyMail

Apparently, it's not "just the thought that counts": for this married couple the amount spent on their wedding gift is relevant and precisely what will arrive on the plate on the day of the reception depends on the guests generosity. In the invitation everything was clearly specified, - a choice that made not only the guests raise their eyebrows, but also thousands of internet users who, having heard the news, were indignant at the treatment reserved for guests. In short, if you spend more you eat better: hass it ever been possible to make such a distinction during a wedding?

For under $250, guests could eat chicken or swordfish; with an expenditure between $250 and $500, you automatically became "silver guests", and you could enjoy poached salmon or a cut of meat. Finally, the more "generous" who can afford to splash out up to $1000 on a gift for the newlyweds, they could have enjoyed a nice fillet of beef or a whole lobster. To add to this list, for those who spare no expense, there would be a bottle of champagne in addition (for the modest price of $2500 per gift!)

As if that were not enough, the supplement to request a vegetarian or kosher dish was really excessive: only those who spent $1000 had the right to access this category of dishes! I mean, imagine paying $1000 for some vegetables au gratin and some other vegetable treats ... a little too much, right? Many of the guests, in fact, were not at all happy with the treatment they received and it's not surprising. Many online users have also complained and harshly criticized the married couple for this inappropriate scheme. There are those who said they would never accept an invitation like that and those who made comments like "you can keep your steak, $5 for the chicken will be fine".

What do you think of this somewhat vulgar gesture on the part of the betrothed couple? Do you appreciate the rule that he "who pays more, eats better" or are you for a unified menu? Tell us in the comments!

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