She is 30 and he is 60 and they are expecting a child: web users have criticized them and called them selfish -
She is 30 and he is 60 and they are…
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She is 30 and he is 60 and they are expecting a child: web users have criticized them and called them selfish

July 01, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Most of us will have felt, at least once in our life, that love does not consider age differences and that there are no limits within which this romantic emotion must be confined. This is a very beautiful concept if we think about it for a moment, because it it is not susceptible to the vagaries of whim and superficial constraints. Precisely for this reason, we should never feel justified to point an accusing finger at anyone if the characteristics of someone's relationship presents features that do not satisfy our idea of love. We should show ourselves to being open to accepting that some genuine relationships can seem to be unorthodox.

And this is something that, unfortunately, the two subjects of this story have not experienced. They are accused of being too distant in age - in other words, their age gap is supposedly too vast - and their relationship has been heavily criticized because of this. Here is their story:

via: Mirror

Larry and Mindy Mikla from Florida first met under unpleasant circumstances. The woman had just been in an accident when she met the man, who was then a police officer and who rescued her. It took a little while for the two to get to know each other, be attracted to each other and decide to start a relationship. So far, everything seems normal and is also very romantic. The problem for many web users has been to find out about the age difference between the two of them: she is 30, he is 60 years old.

This is a significant age gap that created many problems for the couple, especially when they announced that they were expecting their first child. Mindy, in fact, said in an interview that, once she introduced her partner and revealed the age gap, many users of the web literally turned against them. Everything got even worse when she and her husband revealed the news that they were expecting a baby.

"Social media is a great way to get in touch with people who are far away," she said. "But people are also difficult to control. The social media world can be a brutal and critical place where people let themselves go and say anything they like - even things they never would have the courage to say to us to our faces ". This is a fact that makes one reflect on its truth and makes one a little sad. It is not nice, in fact, to be the target of messages and comments full of hatred and criticism for the choices that one has made. Larry and Mindy, just for having decided to spend their lives together and have a child, have been accused of selfishness. Some users have written that it is a bad thing for them to have a child and the fact that the child will have a father who is too old when he or she grows up
The strong and offensive words of the comments left the two spouses stunned and saddened, but which, despite everything, did not destroy their relationship. The woman also confessed that many users are on their side and they do not feel alone: ​​"There are also so many nice people on the web. They follow us, they text us very sweet messages and it's great to know that there is not only hatred out there," said the future mother. "At the beginning, it was not easy to deal with all the negative comments, but then I started to laugh at them and, over time, I accepted them for what they were".

To the criticism of the difference in age was added the disapproval for their decision to have a baby, but it is nice to read how the couple reacted and managed to stem these external attacks that have no justification. Life belongs to those who live it and only you, together with loved ones, can decide where and how to live it. The rest are just opinions, hard to digest sometimes, but still personal and questionable.

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