Adopted boy has a party and a birthday cake for the first time: he bursts into tears of joy -
Adopted boy has a party and a birthday…
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Adopted boy has a party and a birthday cake for the first time: he bursts into tears of joy

June 28, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

How many times have we heard the proverb: diversity makes the world go round? This is true and so, and for many reasons, it is a pity that this fact does not always lead to positive outcomes. There are some places on the planet, in fact, in which the context in which some live is not as peaceful and comfortable as in others, and children are often the ones who pay the price. Despite everything, there are associations and others who take such deprivations to heart and are committed to ensuring that the disadvantaged get the opportunity to change their lives.

Often this happens through adoptions, as in the case of the subject of this story. This is the story of a teenager who, together with his brother, got a second chance at life. Let's find out about their story:

Abraham and James, originally from Sierra Leone, were adopted by an American family and moved in with their new parents in North Carolina, USA. "We met Abraham and James for the first time in an orphanage that we have supported for years," said Jamie Walker, the adoptive mother of the two young boys. "They lived in Sierra Leone and moved in with us in November 2021," she said.

This was a turning point for the young brothers and it changed their lives for the better. In the situation they lived in before adoption, both James and Abraham lacked the most simple and basic things in life that priviledged children have. For example: neither of them had ever celebrated their birthday with a party, cake and candles before in their lives. But once they got to the Walker house, and for the first time Abraham had the opportunity to celebrate his birthday, his reaction was emotionally moving.

In a video posted by the mother on TikTok, we see the boy sitting at a table, surrounded by the family and, after a few moments, mother Jamie walks in with a cake covered in candles and Abraham bursts into a huge cry of joy. His first reaction was to jump out of his chair and runs to hug first his dad and then mom. Only after doing this did he blow out the candles and expressed his wish to be more grown up.


Following this first moment of surprise, high emotion and joy, Abraham sat down again, blew out the candles and showed off a splendid smile. In the video you can see clearly how his eyes shine with happiness for the luck he had in finding a family that has welcomed both he and his brother and for the second chance at life. A new life that perhaps the two brothers had been waiting for for a long time, and despite their young age.

Isn't it nice to be able to see someone who is so happy that they got a simple birthday cake?


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