"My fiancé wants me to remove the tattoos I have in honor of my late husband and son, but I refused"

Mark Bennett

June 20, 2022


Overcoming a traumatic experience is not easy and, in some cases, it is impossible to move on: often and unwillingly, you have to be content with living with your pain. The mother, who is the subject of this story knows this very well. She lost a husband and a son 3 years before being able to meet another man with whom to start her life again. These are, of course, incredible tragedies, which everyone faces in their own way. This woman, for example, had the names of her deceased husband and her son tattooed on her chest - a symbolic gesture, to remember them every moment of her life and always carry them with her. While a tattoo may be unacceptable to some, why condemn something that helps someone relieve their pain? The new partner of this woman, unfortunately, is not of this opinion.

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Flickr / Not the actual photo / philippe leroyer

The woman's new partner does not seem to like the tattoos that the woman got done in memory of her deceased husband and her son, tragically lost 3 years before their meeting. The woman turned to Reddit users to get an outside opinion regarding the behavior of the new partner.

"I was widowed for 3 years before I met my fiancé (Julius)," the woman wrote. Then she recounts her tragic story: "I lost my husband and my 4 year old son in a boating accident". The pain must have been immense, but somehow the woman had to overcome it, in order not to risk topping herself: "When I finally recovered from the shock, after losing them, I had their names tattooed on my chest. Nothing too over the top - it is just their names in italics, with two hearts ".

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The new partner appeared to be very understanding of the woman and her pain from the past, which is why their relationship evolved and grew to the point that Julius asked her to marry him. One day, however, the man made an unexpected request: "Yesterday, as I was getting out of the shower, Julius asked me when I am going to have my tattoo removed. He said he knows someone who is really good at it and who could do it for us at a discount". Before that, the man had never shown any displeasure towards the tattoos and had never mentioned requiring anything of the sort. The woman being honest, replied that she wasn't going to have her tattoos removed. The man explained to her that he feels insecure about the love he feels for her every time he sees the tattooed names on her chest.


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The response from the woman's Reddit followers was not long in coming: "You have to be really insecure to feel threatened by someone's deceased husband and child." Others pointed out the horrendous nature of the request: "The most striking part, for me, is that he expects you to remove both names. Being intimidated by a man who is already dead is troubling, but to expect you to delete the name of your child too, is just hideous. No matter how long it's been, you never stop being a mom. "

It is certainly difficult to deal with a person who has experienced so much pain in her life, but perhaps the woman's future husband overreacted with his insensitive request. What do you think about this story?