"My nephews are rude and disobedient and I have banned them and my sister-in-law from entering my house"

Mark Bennett

June 18, 2022


Managing family relationships is sometimes tough. We must keep the peace and make sure that everyone is stable and happy - and that they all get along with each other when they have to spend time together (especially if they are children). But if there is something that we just can't tolerate, what should we do? This is a difficult and complicated question and not easy to answer.

The subject of this story acted by doing what she thought was right, but her intentions were misunderstood and discontent and conflict arose between herself and her husband's sister (her sister-in-law). Read on to find out what happened:

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User @Intelligent-Bear1617 told her story on Reddit, in order to give her point of view, express her doubts and get some advice. The woman told her story about the tension between herself and her sister-in-law due to her 3 children. "My sister-in-law has 3 children aged 6, 8 and 9," she writes. "They are disobedient and rude because their mother allows them to do whatever they want and lets them behave as they please and without scolding them at all. I would never allow this, but the children are hers and she is free to manage them as she sees fit - as long as they are not in my house ".

The woman continues to write that although she did not say anything about her sister-in-law's educational style, she has never tolerated children coming into her house and doing as they please. On many occasions, during visits to their uncles, the 3 children had behaved very badly, violating all the rules of the host's home.

"We told them several times not to play with the ball inside, but they did not listen," writes the author of the post. "They broke several precious objects which my husband and I cared about. And it often happens that they take our things and we never see the objects again. When, however, we asked them not to behave like this because it was not right, they replied that my husband and I were not their parents and so we could not tell them what they could or could not do".

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This was an uncomfortable situation from which this woman had to find a way out. So what did she do? Since it was not only the children who would not listen to her and her husband, but also her sister-in-law, she tried to solve the problem by forbidding all four of them to enter her house if her husband was not there. "When he is out, they must not set foot in my house," said the author. "Once he is back, he can decide whether or not to welcome them in, but I will not let them in when I am here by myself".

Her husband agreed with her decision, but this, as might be expected, created tension between the couple and the mother. Unsure about her decision, the woman decided to seek advice online. Reddit followers who have read her post have sided with her and most agreed with her decision. One comment in particular says: "This decision of yours is only the consequence of the failure of your sister-in-law to be a good mother. She has not been able to install good values in her children and it is not fair that you and your husband have to pay the price."


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Sometimes parents don't realize - or don't want to - how their children's behavior can seem normal to them, but is unacceptable to others. We should always keep in mind that everyone is different and adapt to the needs of others, especially if they are not at their own home.

What do you think of this story: do you agree with the author of the post or do you think that her reaction was a little too harsh?