Couple cannot have children and adopt two little girls: 2 weeks later, the wife discovers she is pregnant with twins -
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Couple cannot have children and adopt…
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Couple cannot have children and adopt two little girls: 2 weeks later, the wife discovers she is pregnant with twins

June 12, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Many people have the wish to become parents. There are those who succeed in this and then there are those who, despite numerous attempts, must abandon this dream and resign themselves to the idea of not having any of their own biological children. Fortunately, even for these cases there is a solution: adoption.

This is exactly what Calena and BJ Durel thought after facing the impossibility of having a baby of their own in a natural way. The couple had always dreamed of a large family and, in addition to having their own children (now an impossibility, apparently), they had already considered adopting. When this idea became reality, however, something completely unexpected happened - let's find out together what happened.

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We are so blessed! Happy Easter!

Pubblicato da Calena Durel su Domenica 4 aprile 2021

Calena and BJ, have always been fond of children, and had tried for some time to have one in the natural way, but there had been various fertility problems - which is why the couple began to think about adoption. By pure chance, the couple from Cincinnati, in the United States, were introduced to two little sisters, Aubree and Mariah, and immediately formed a bond with them. Since all of them - the couple and the girls - got along well immediately, some time later, Calena and BJ requested to foster care and then adopt the girls.

We can’t wait to meet our sweet baby boy, Beckham Jude Durel in October!! He will have the best big sisters and big brother in the world! We are so blessed! #durelpartyof7 💖💖💖💙💙

Pubblicato da Calena Durel su Domenica 11 aprile 2021

Calena said in an interview: "It was only a few weeks after the authorities officially communicated that we could adopt Aubree and Mariah, that I started have strange symptoms. I thought it was the stress - after all we had gone back and forth for the process of the adoption and it was not easy to keep everything under control, but then I discovered that this was not the reason ". In fact, it was not the effort due to the pressure of having many things to do that had made the woman feel queer, but something much more important and wonderful: she was pregnant. She and her husband BJ had finally succeeded and were about to have twins just as the green light was given for their adoption of the little girls.

This was wonderful news for this mom and dad, if you think about it: from having no kids, they were now going to become parents to four, and all this filled them with happiness.Calena stated: "We had been waiting for this moment for a long time and it was the best that we could have hoped for. Suddenly what we had what we had always dreamed of - it had become a reality. It wasn't easy, but it couldn't have been a better surprise".


My whole world!! ♥️ Happy Easter!

Pubblicato da Calena Durel su Domenica 17 aprile 2022

This is a story with a happy ending -  which was later added to by even more good news: the Durel family a the fifth child and this family continues to grow bigger and bigger.

We just have to wish them a happy life and lots and lots of joy living all together.


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