Granny finds $ 36,000 hidden in a second-hand…
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Granny finds $ 36,000 hidden in a second-hand sofa's cushions: she returns the money to the owner (+ VIDEO)

June 13, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When you find loose change or, even better, dollar bills in jackets or trousers that have not been worn for some time, you are always thrilled. The usual feeling is that of having found, at just the right moment, a small "treasure" hidden away for a rainy day. Perhaps you have happened to found some coins among the sofa cushions, for example, and to have wondered "how did they end up there". Well, Vicky Umodu found a lot more than a few pennies in the second hand sofa she got after finding it online. Vicky needed some pieces of furniture to complement the interior of her home, but she never expected to find a staggering $ 36,000 dollars in the sofa cushions, which a family had just given to her for free!

via: abc7

Vicky Umodu, a kindly granny from Colton, California (USA), needed a sofa and other furnishing to finish decorating her new home. Very often, in these cases, we turn to sites where it is possible to obtain second-hand pieces of furniture for free or at very competative prices. And that's exactly what Vicky did - and she found an interesting offer from a family who wanted to get rid of many things, including a sofa. The woman immediately contacted the sellers to find out more: it seemed that following the death of a relative, the family was vacating their house, giving away most of their furniture.

The elderly woman said: "I started browsing and saw some free items, so I clicked on them ... they were from this family who wanted to give away two sofas and their whole bedroom". Vicky said that the two sofas and a chair would have been great in her new home: "I just moved and I have nothing in the house. I was so happy when we got these things and brought them back to our house."

Once home, however, Vicky began to examine the sofa closer: opening the cover of the pillows, she found some mysterious objects that, at a very first glance, she believed were warmers for the winter. In reality they were envelopes containing ... banknotes!

Vicky couldn't believe her eyes: thousands of dollars had been hidden in the sofa - $ 36,000 dollars to be exact. The woman started shouting for her son to come immediately, and look at what she had found. Of course, Vicky never thought for a second of keeping the money for herself and the first thing she did was to contact the family who given her the sofa. The family in question greatly appreciated her gesture and revealed that they had found more money hidden in their house - a few hundred dollars - but without knowing why the money had been hidden. They didn't know why the owner of the sofa had hidden all the money in the sofa, but they were happy to get Vicky's call. To thank her, they bought her a new refrigerator and gave her $ 2,200 dollars as a "reward" for returning their money.


Vicky did not expect to receive anything in return, she simply knew that this was the right thing to do: "God has been kind to me and my children - they are all alive and well and I have three beautiful grandchildren, so what more can I ask for from the Lord?"

And you - would you have returned the money if you had been in Vicky's shoes?


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