This woman hid her pregnancy from her…
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This woman hid her pregnancy from her family until she gave birth

June 11, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Having a baby is something that fills one's heart with joy. The family grows and, as we know, a little one always manages to bring a lot of happiness and well-being to both the couple and their families. Unfortunately, there are cases in which, for a variety of reasons, spouses are unable to have a baby and one has to deal with the disappointment and sadness that comes from this fact. These are situations that are not always easy to deal with - not only for those directly involved, but also for those around them. Parents, brothers or sisters, friends, etc, must try to cheer the couple up and stay close to those who cannot fulfill their dreams of becoming parents.

Sometimes, however, there could be a problem even for those who may want to have children, are able to, and decide to go ahead and get pregnant. This happened in the family we want to talk to you about in this story and it is very upsetting. Let's see what happened:

via: Reddit

In a post made public on the social media platform, Reddit, the subject of this story told her account of happened in her family. The 27-year-old woman talks about her 36-year-old sister, Jenny. Jenny, who had been married for some time, had repeatedly tried to have a baby and had unfortunately failed. Despite the doctors telling her that she was unable to have a baby, Jenny continued to have this one goal in her life: to become a mother.

She was stubborn and, one might say, her stubbornness plunged her into a state of depression and, according to her younger sister, it changed her personality. The author of the post writes: "The decisive turning point came  when my brother-in-law got tired of the situation and filed for divorce. He wanted a woman at his side who he could start a family with and my sister was no longer this woman".

Being abandoned, the woman even more temperamental. According to her sister's words, no one could get close to her without her being attacked (verbally). The 27 year old author of the post continues: "She's become short-tempered and she can't stand anyone who has children. When our cousin announced she was pregnant, Jenny became aggressive and the two of them cut off thei relationship."

Some time later, the author had tried to talk to her mother about the possibility of herself hypothetically getting pregnant in the future, and when Jenny overheard this discussion, she wen on the rampage. Jenny told her that, if she ever got pregnant, she would consider it the worst thing her sister could do to her. Imagine the situation, then, when the author of the post discovered, a little later, that she was pregnant.

The woman writes: "When I found out, I knew it would be a tragedy. My husband was in seventh heaven, but I could do nothing but think about Jenny and the pain it would cause her to hear this news. So I made my decision: I kept the pregnancy hidden from both Jenny and my parents. But of course, when my daughter was born, I could not keep this secret and my parents, initially shocked, were very angry with me for keeping this massive secret from them".

The girl's parents felt hurt by her actions and were offended. The woman describes her response as follows: "I told them that they deserved this treatment. When I talked to them about my hypothetical pregnancy, they scolded me for being insensitive towards my sister, so how could I tell them I really was pregnant without creating further drama and hurting my sister by revealing my pregnancy?" 


This seems to be a legitimate concern and many users have understood the woman's position: for them, the woman acted as best she could. She knew very well how sensitive her sister was about the subject and she would be upset; but on the other hand, she certainly should not have given up the joy of becoming a mother herself solely for this reason.

What do you think? What would you have done in this woman's shoes?


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