Exasperated dad cuts off the long hair…
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Exasperated dad cuts off the long hair of his 7-year-old daughter who refused to brush it: "Was I wrong?"

June 07, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is known that those used to having long hair are very hostile to getting their hair cut, especially when the hairdresser tends to take cut it too short. Then there are people who don't really care, since their hair grows back quickly, and who prefer to opt for a short cut. And then there are the girls with long hair, who want to look like princesses, and who don't ever want to hear the word "hairdresser". A man posted on Reddit that his 7-year-old daughter never brushed her hair, despite having long hair, well past her shoulders. Every morning, the two argued because the little girl didn't want to take care of her long hair by brushing it properly. After repeated warnings, the dad opted for a drastic solution.

via: Reddit

At the tender age of just 7 years old, can you be held responsible for your own grooming and hygiene? In some aspects, the answer is yes, and the father who is the subject of this story explained this repeatedly to his little girl - she was required to take care of grooming / brushing her long hair. Having long hair requires greater care than those who have short hair: you need to brush it well every day to prevent it from becoming knotted and tangled, as well as washing it frequently. This dad only wanted his little daughter to get into the habit of brushing her hair and avoiding arguing about it every morning. If the little girl wasn't going to take  some responsibility for this, her father threatened that he would have her hair cut: he had warned her several times and repeatedly told her that he was serious. Although her parents were separated, even the little girl's mother agreed with her husband's warnings: if she did not take responsibility for her hair, she would be "punished" by having her hair cut.

Her father had long hair and had shown his daughter several times how to brush a head of hair properly and how to keep it tidy - but every morning it was the same story: constant crying and fighting.

"This morning, after yet another argument, I did it," wrote the father, "I cut her hair about an inch below her shoulders. She was devastated. She cried for an hour and kept crying as I took her to my parents' house to leave her with them while I went to work. My mother and my sister both got mad at me. My mother said I will emotionally damage my daughter if I don't start taking parenting lessons and that cutting her hair was not absolutely necessary. "

The man has questioned himself and his action and asked his Reddit follower for their opinions: had he gone too far? Was his daughter still too young to learn such a hard lesson? Should he have given her even more warnings before actually cutting her hair? Many followers took his side, arguing that the child needed "to learn her lesson". What would you have done if you were this father?


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