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$ 315,000 dollars to anyone who marries…
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$ 315,000 dollars to anyone who marries his 26-year-old daughter: an offer from a rich father

June 09, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

A father always wants the best for his daughter, especially with regard to a future, potential son-in-law. We know that fathers are always a little jealous of their daughters, but a good parent knows when it's time to let their children spread their wings. Anon Rodthong, a billionaire entrepreneur, may have taken his fatherly feelings a little too seriously when dealing with setting up his daughter with a decent man - so much so, that he has published a bizarre offer: $ 315,000 dollars to anyone who offers to marry his beautiful young daughter (who is 26 years old).

This is an attractive offer for many young people, and many have not missed the opportunity to respond to the father's posting in order to get more information and in order to apply.

via: Dailymail

Anon Rodthong is a 58-year-old Thai entrepreneur who owns a thriving farm specializing in the production of durian - a famous Asian fruit highly prized in the Far East for its flavor. Anon has no shortage of money - so much so that he wants to donate a large sum of his money to his future son-in-law: "I want someone to take care of my business and make sure it endures and thrives over time. I don't want a person with a degree - a master's degree in philosophy is no good here. I want a diligent, hard-working man. I just want someone with a strong aptitude for work. That's all," Anon stated. Of course, the father also added that he wants someone to take good care of his daughter, Karnsita, and make her happy.

The requirements to apply, in addition to those already given above, are: to speak English and Chinese fluently and to "be thrifty and love durians". This are quite modest requests, no? The lucky son-in-law (to be) will receive the equivalent of nearly € 280,000 euros and also control of the million-dollar durian company. It doesn't matter that Anon has other children who could (technically) inherit his business, because he has already made his decision: his son-in-law will take over the family business. His daughter was very flattered by her father's attention and she confirmed she was still single. But her future husband still doesn't know about her cosmetic surgery plans which will use up much of the money her father will give to him.

So, all you suitors out there - step forward!

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