Young man forgets he hid money away:…
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Young man forgets he hid money away: years later he opens a video game box and finds a £ 1,000 pound windfall

June 13, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Surprises come when you least expect them (which is why they are called "surprises) and can also come from simple gestures or habits that, over time, you forget you have adopted. The living proof of this is an English user who, on TikTok, revealed to everyone how amazed he was when he found some banknotes that he had wisely hidden many years earlier in a "safe place". The man, in fact, wanted to find his old PlayStation, to be able to have fun for a few hours with old video games. When he opened a box of these video games, however, he was left speechless: many years ago, he had hidden a bundle of note worth about £ 1,000 pounds in the box.

It doesn't happen every day that we find money "dropping from the sky" and into your pocket, but this really happened to the subject of this story, "dj limited". The explaination is actually quite simple: the man had completely forgotten that he had hidden a bunch of £ 20 bills away when he was a teenager. The money was hidden inside the case of an old video game disc holder, so it's no wonder the man had completely forgotten about it over time. In fact, having found the money at all, was a coincidence and sheer luck. Wanting to try to play with an old PlayStation 2, (now an obsolete console), the man opened the video game disc case which, in "his youth" he had decided to use as a piggy bank. It seems he had saved quite a lot in the past, - a whopping £ 1,000 So it was too bad then that he rediscovered the money too late: the banknotes are now out of circulation.

But the news was not really that bad, however, since the man was still able to exchange them at his bank, for valid banknotes. In the video, his reaction at the moment of discovering the money is really hilarious: probably, we too would have had the same happy and amused reaction that he had!

Do you also have a "secret" place to hide small amounts of money at home? The subject of this story will surely be able to give you some great advice on this: remember where you hid it!

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