Pregnant woman interrupts a wedding at the most crucial moment: "I have your baby inside of me, listen to me" -
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Pregnant woman interrupts a wedding…
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Pregnant woman interrupts a wedding at the most crucial moment: "I have your baby inside of me, listen to me"

May 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

If we say the word "wedding", what is the first thing you think of? Maybe you think of love, or joy, happiness, sharing and many other positive things that should usually be linked to this special day. In fact, we know that this is not always the way things go, but there are rare occasions when a wedding day could turn into the worst experience ever. And this is pretty much what happened to the couple we are about to tell you about in this story.

Two newlyweds who, at the climax of the ceremony, were distracted by an uninvited person, but whom, apparently, the groom knew very well. We will tell you here who this person was and what she did.

In a video posted on the social media platform, TikTok, by user @danielleondemand, we see a couple filmed at the most important moment of their wedding: the exchange of vows. This is the moment in which two people who love each other, promise eternal love and undertake to care for and love each other unconditionally and whatever their future may be. These are moments in which even all the guests hold their breath and their heart beat wildly with emotion- moments which, in this case, were interrupted by a voice from the audience demanding attention.

"Anthony, Anthony, you pretend you don't know me, but you know me. I have your baby inside of me. Look at me, I know you hear me". These shouted words chilled everyone to the bone and destroyed the perfect moment. In the images, you can see the couple at the altar, intent on listening to the presiding official, while the attention of the guests is captured by this insistant voice looking for answers.

The groom, Anthony, however, seemed not to hear. He did not turn even around for a moment to the woman who kept shouting at him. The only one who reacted, after a few seconds, was the bride's daughter. Initially standing next to her mother, we see the girl lose her temper and start screaming, "What's wrong with you? What's the problem? It would be better if you just left."

Fortunately, other people who were standing next to the daughter, managed to stop her and prevent her from attacking the pregnant woman who, we notice, never appears on the video.

Showing the shock and amazement of the guests, the clip ends before we can see how things actually turned out. Despite this, the video gained an enormous audience, reaching over 2 million views.


Having gone viral on the web, the video also attracted a very high number of comments. Most of the people were left with questions and asked to know how things turned out in the end and, in particular, if the bride had decided to take an allegedly unfaithful man as her husband. Even in a comments, one reads: "Please tell me that that this woman did not promise to love and respect this man for the rest of her life".

The answer was not provided and doubt remains. The only thing we are sure of is that this wedding will remain forever in the memories of both the couple and the guests, don't you agree?


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