Best man declares his love for the bride…
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Best man declares his love for the bride on her wedding day: shortly thereafter, he becomes her husband

April 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

One of the best days in a person's life is probably their wedding day. The moment when two lovers crown a dream and make their relationship completely official and permanent. But what if the wedding day turns out to be completely different to this expectation?

What if it became an opportunity to meet your true soul mate? The subject of the story we are about to tell you knows all about this. This bride, on her wedding day, had a very important revelation.

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A woman divorced her husband and married his best man after he declared his love for her in his congratulatory speech at...

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Desiree White is a young woman who, like many, had set a wedding date with her partner. All perfectly normal, so far. The two future spouses had thought of everything, taken care of every aspect of the special day down to the smallest detail and, of course, had also chosen the witnesses. One of these was Bryant, a dear friend of the bride. It was she, in fact, who introduced Bryant to her future husband.

The two men had met and, in a short time, they had formed a strong bond. They had a lot in common ... in particular, Desiree. Both were in love with her, with the difference that her future husband had, a long before, declared his love for her, while her friend and now best man did not. And guess when he thought of doing it? You will not believe it, but on the day of the wedding.

Bryant, as we have said, was chosen to be a witness and best man. A dear friend, who has been supportive for years, is the best person to do this and everything went very well, until, during the reception, he made his best man's speech for the couple: "I still remember the first time I met Desiree. I fell in love with her right away. She was the most wonderful person I ever met in my life. Too bad she already had a fiance - the man she plans to marry today. I had to find a way to win her over, but then I met her fiance too and we became friends right away, so I let it go. I love you both. Congratulations."

With these words the best man shocked the entire wedding party and created a major embarrassment. He himself turned completely red with the brashness of the confession he had just made.

Desiree herself said in an interview: "His statement shocked me, but I tried not to pay too much attention to it. I thought he had drunk too much and said stupid things. Bryant and I have known each other since high school, but he also had a strong bond with my husband-to-be and we were a perfect threesome. I never imagined he could be in love with me. I didn't consider the idea of ​​having a relationship with him in the least. I didn't like his way of declaring his love for me, but with time, things have changed. After a year of marriage, my now ex-husband and I started having some problems and Bryant was very close to me and was very supportive. He was tender and affectionate and one evening we kissed. From that moment on, we were never apart. We eventually got married and now we have 4 wonderful children. It was his dream from the beginning and then it became mine too. I never imagined that my life could be happier than what it is now", she said.


In a sense, then, Bryant is a sort of modern-day Galeotto after having made his rather unorthodox and fateful wedding speech (while acting as a best man). Desiree didn't think of him as a future partner at the time, but if fate has decided that her life has to go a certain way, then she is the type of woman will go to great lengths to make it happen. After all, love knows no bounds and that's exactly what happened to this wonderful couple.

What about you? Have you ever heard of a similar story or experienced it firsthand?


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