She is 102 years old and he is 100 and after falling madly in love with each other they decided to get married! -
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She is 102 years old and he is 100 and…
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She is 102 years old and he is 100 and after falling madly in love with each other they decided to get married!

July 25, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Even if today's society would have us believe otherwise, we are never too old to meet the love of our life.

Some women are very worried about remaining alone, and when they approach 30 years of age without a partner, they are convinced that they will never be able to find someone to be by their side. But nothing could be more wrong.

In fact, life is unpredictable and love comes when you least expect it. Maybe these words sound like cliches, but it is the truth!

Remember: Love has no age and a 102-year-old woman has proved it by marrying her 100-year-old boyfriend.

via: nbc24

Congratulations to the newlyweds! John and Phyllis met while living at Kingston. At the young ages of 103 and 100 years...

Pubblicato da Kingston Residence of Sylvania su Venerdì 28 giugno 2019
image: Unsplash

The love story between Phyllis, age 102, and John Cook, age 100, really knows no bounds.

John is a World War II veteran who recently celebrated his 100th birthday, while Phyllis is about 103 years old.

Indeed, it certainly cannot be said that the marriage between the two was the result of a hasty choice!

In fact, the elderly couple met within the walls of a nursing home in Sylvania, a small town in Ohio (USA) and, between one conversation and another, the two fell madly in love.

"To tell the truth, we both fell in love with each other. I know you will think it is a bit exaggerated for someone our age, but that was what happened --- we fell in love with each other," said the lovely centenarian in an interview.

Both are excellent chefs and lovers of good food and they spend a lot of time together without giving up their personal space.

Their incredible story shows that age is absolutely not a factor that prevents someone from loving another person with all their heart.

Let's spend our time with the people we truly love and if, at the moment, there does not seem to be someone so special on the horizon, don't worry! Sooner or later love will arrive! Just ask Phyllis.


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