She discovers that her husband is cheating on her and leaves her wedding dress at the lover's door: "enjoy the second-hand goods" -
She discovers that her husband is cheating…
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She discovers that her husband is cheating on her and leaves her wedding dress at the lover's door: "enjoy the second-hand goods"

October 16, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Married life is not always a walk in the park. Although for a long time everything may go smoothly, the events that disturb the confidence and tranquility of husbands and wives are many, and often completely unexpected. Above all, betrayal is certainly one of the worst.

Finding out that your husband or wife is leading a double life with someone else can be traumatic and heartbreaking. Even more so if it happens with someone you considered a friend. While it might seem like a rare occurrence, these things actually happen, as the story we are about to tell you testifies. The protagonists? An unfaithful husband, his wife and one of her best friends.

via: Daily Mail

'You like second hand goods': Jilted wife's revenge on love-rat husband by dumping wedding dress at mistress’ door with sarky note

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You might think that stories like this only happen in movies, or maybe in some novel or soap opera. But Karen Dineen really was cheated on by her husband with a woman she had been friends with for about 25 years. When she discovered the infidelity, however, Karen was not overwhelmed by despair, and decided that she would react in a way that is as sarcastic as it is exemplary.

It is not difficult to imagine the anger and bewilderment that can occur when a betrayal like the one that has affected this married couple is discovered. Karen and her husband Terry broke up after 19 years of marriage, without him ever making his wife aware that there was the slightest problem in their relationship. Carol, the woman with whom her husband was cheating on her, was an old friend, one of those who become part of the family.

The relationships have broken down completely, and Karen has severed ties with both her husband and her friend. Not before, however, having left an indelible and stinging "memory" of hers right in front of Carol's door. As she was packing to leave, she spotted her wedding dress in the wardrobe and so she got the idea. Along with a note, which was sarcastic to say the least, she hung her dress on her friend's porch.

“Hey Carol, I know you love secondhand things, so I thought you might like the dress I wore when I married your boyfriend. With love, Karen." There isn't much more to add, and it is certainly hard to hold back a smile on reading this message.


The public humiliation suffered by Carol and Karen's ex-husband, according to the woman, was more than deserved, as for a long time she was oblivious to everything, even though friends and neighbors were aware of the husband's extra-marital affair. In short, a lesson that surely neither Terry nor his mistress would have expected, and that they certainly will not forget easily. The story of their bad behavior was publicised and soon made the rounds of the internet, precisely because of its irony.


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