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Woman receives a gift from her stepchildren:…
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Woman receives a gift from her stepchildren: she opens it and discovers the documents to officially adopt them (+ VIDEO)

May 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Extended families aren't always the easiest thing to manage. If two people meet and like each other, but have other relationships that involve children, how should they manage their new life? There is no precise and obvious answer to this type of question - we can only imagine how complicated the role of being a step-parent is to manage. The thing that mostly tends to destabilize a relationship with "stepchildren" (and the person who usually pays the highest price for having entered an already-existing family unit), is the stepmother. A stepmother is a unique and, at times, controversial character who has even become a recurring negative cliché in stories, films and any other forms of storytelling. In such cases, stepmothers are portrayed as people with a haughty and unfriendly character, often even being shown as evil. Fortunately, this fiction does not always reflect reality.

The subject of the story we are about to tell you is living proof of this. Far from being malevolent, this woman has managed to win the hearts and affections of her two stepchildren - stepchildren who have found a wonderful way to thank her for everything she has done for them over the years. Let's dive into this story:

In a video posted on Youtube by the user Nicholas, we see images of a woman, a mother - or rather, a stepmother - who is sitting on an armchair and is focused on unwrapping a birthday present. Filming with the camera are the givers of the present: her stepchildren. A brother and sister who have decided to make the day very special for their stepmother.

In the first few seconds of the video, we see the woman as she unwraps the gift. In the background, a voice is heard saying, "This is from me and Nick. What do you think it is, Mom?". Intrigued by the prodding that the two children continue to tease her with, the woman tries to unwrap the gift as fast as she can and then she opens the box.

Inside there is nothing too flashy, just a cardboard folder. The woman opens it and reads the content for a few moments. After that, she bursts into tears. You may be wondering why - and here is the reason:

The folder contained the documents necessary for the stepmother to formally adopt her two stepchildren. Over the years, the woman had become so close to the children that the two of them needed to officially have her as their mother in all respects. The emotion, the surprise and the joy of the woman is evident in the video and, from these images, we can tell how emotional she felt about this gesture.


"We have been thinking of doing this for a long time," reveals the children as they approach their stepmother and hug her. They continue: "We waited a while and there were challenges, but in the end we succeeded in getting the necessary papers. Happy birthday, Mom". How could she not burst into a river of tears of joy and tightly hug the two children who had just made the most beautiful gesture that a woman could expect? On the video, we hear the stepmother say: "I can't speak, I can't. You can't imagine how much this gesture means to me. I love it".

With these words and with a great show of emotion and joy, the video ends and draws the curtain on one of the best moments in the life of this family.

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