"I'm pregnant and my husband doesn't help me with cooking or cleaning because it's my job and not his"

Mark Bennett

May 31, 2022


Coping with a pregnancy isn't always easy. Sometimes small or large problems arise which, despite the fortitude of an expectant mother, forces some pregnant woman to take a rest. Whatever the reason, it can happen that, during the 9 months of pregnancy, it is advisable for the woman to stay in bed for a period and / or avoid doing anything strenuous. And when this is the case, others should intervene to help out, especially one's partner. One's partner, most of all, should understand their wife's problems and try to do what they can to be helpful.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in this story. In this story, we have as the subject, a young woman who, during her second pregnancy, noted with dismay, the total absence of her husband when it came to helping out. Here is her story:

via Mumsnet


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The bitter and angry post in which this pregnant woman talks about the negative experience she is having with her husband, appeared some time ago on Mumsnet. The woman in question tells her followers that she is in the 15th week of her second pregnancy.

From a medical examination it was determined that the woman should not do anything strenuous and needed to stay out of the kitchen. In fact, specific smells and tastes could cause her to get sick and make the rest of her pregnancy a very upleasant period. This is not abnormal for pregnant women and she will not be the first nor the last mother who will have to deal with nausea and various other ailments caused by a pregnancy.

So, when did the real problems arise and why? They all seem to stem from what numerous followers have labeled her husband's "inexcusable laziness". The person who should understand her the most and provide assistance, in this case, proved to be a source of her problems and, unfortunately, turned out to be completely useless in managing the family's daily life.

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In the first line of her post, the pregnant woman writes: "I'm tired. When my first baby was born I always took care of everything. Now I can't do it. I have a pregnancy disorder, so I can't bear strong smells, especially from cooking and so I can't think about preparing any meals. It's a pity that my husband, at 36 years of age, doesn't know how to cook anything but ready-to-eat foods ".

From what the author of the post says, it seems that she once she had been sick for a week and both her husband and her son had eaten only prepackaged foods and nothing fresh, like vegetables and fruit. This was an unsustainable situation, especially if one considers how bad it is that a child is being fed only on junk / packaged food.

The woman continued on her rant: "And let's not talk about the cleaning. He can do absolutely nothing. During my first pregnancy, and at  8 and a half months, I still had to clean the bathtub. And now that I'm in this condition, I can't even begin to describe the state of the sitting room. Between the books, games and more just laying around, it's real chaos. I don't ask that he be a housewife every day, but I'd like to have a little more help in these moments of difficulty which I currently find myself in".


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The husband, however, seems to think in a completely different way and he has simply just ruled himself out of taking care of the household chores - and he has also seen fit to increase the woman's burden by stating (as reported by his wife): "you are a housewife and you have to take care of the home, not me. Cooking and cleaning is your job, not mine ". This statement  infuriated his wife and pushed her to vent her anger on the web.

What do you think of this husband's behavior?